Why This Financial Services Firm Chose Microsoft Power Apps

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Microsoft Power Apps Transforms Talent Recruitment for a Financial Services Company


At AKA, we have designed and implemented a number of successful technology solutions for financial services firms. Our recent client, a global private equity firm that invests in consumer brands, presented us with a unique technology challenge and we were happy to deliver.


To increase the value of their investments, this financial services firm routinely evaluates the leadership within their companies and re-tools them into award-winning leadership teams. They needed a solution for their recruiters that would support complex talent searches while simplifying the administrative process, and it was quickly apparent that out-of-the-box technology was not going to meet their needs.


“Out of the Box” Technology Was Not the Solution


To ensure the best candidates were found, internal recruiters needed visibility into their relationships and talent pool including executives’ qualifications, experience, attributes, and geographies. Unfortunately, their current Salesforce software and a homegrown system could not support the complex queries and parsing of resumes required.


Here are the challenges requiring a custom, robust technology solution to find the right candidate:

  1. Searching on huge amounts of data once resumes were entered into their CRM system or transactional database to find the right candidates
  2. Ability to analyze potential talent on LinkedIn without alerting the candidate
  3. Providing robust and custom reporting on talent searches to stakeholders—with the ability to print detailed reports


Luckily, we were already working with them to replace their Salesforce CRM with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales. Even though Dynamics 365 offers out of the box search functionality, the financial services firm’s unique and extensive search and reporting requirements needed more than a standard solution. The solution would require custom programming to address the complexity of the searches since recruiters required the ability to search across different attributes and thousands of records to create a list of candidates. For example, a search could include the need for a CIO, with experience in fin-tech, located in Phoenix, AZ with an advanced degree in IT. Not to mention, all of this would need to come from a user interface that would be easy to use.


The Solution: Microsoft Power Apps for Complex Searching


In addition to implementing Dynamics 365, we also deployed a Power App to address the client’s requirement for complex queries regardless of the set or number of criteria requested. We were quickly able to build a solution with Power Apps that would locate and retrieve any data that is held in Dynamics, eliminating the need for custom coding that would have required more time for development and a significantly higher investment.


With a 3rd party parsing tool, we were also able to integrate LinkedIn analysis by automatically downloading single or multiple resumés in PDF format and importing them as contacts into Dynamics. These resumes then become part of their repository of talent. We were able to do the same for resumes provided manually by candidates.


Customized Queries with Power Apps Leads to Better Candidates


Thanks to Power Apps, their recruiters are now able to use one comprehensive system to execute complex queries and searches for the best candidates. Recruiters who do not have technical expertise can now find the right talent at the right time by using any tag to search resumes and data in their CRM.


The simplicity of the Power App provided these critical benefits:

  • Increases in productivity and reduction in duplication of effort
  • Reduction in time to train, thanks to an easy to use interface design
  • Executive-ready reports showcasing candidates and attributes
  • Elimination of time consuming and costly system administration


Are You Ready for Power Apps?


Ready to consider Power Apps? Let’s schedule a call.


Power Apps can extend a solution already in place (not limited to just Microsoft) and produce breakout results. As a Microsoft Gold-Certified partner with 30+ years of experience, we know how Dynamics and Power Apps can transform your business. We have the know-how and experience across multiple industries, including financial services, to bridge the gaps within your CRM and ERP systems.


Watch our on-demand webcast to learn more about how other companies are harnessing the power of Power Apps and the Power Platform to eliminate the need for custom application development.



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Article by: Tom Berger | 212-502-3900

With 20+ years of field experience, Tom Berger is Vice President of Financial Services for AKA Enterprise Solutions.

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