Move From On-Site to Virtual ERP Training with These 5 Tips

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Our world is experiencing an unprecedented crisis with the outbreak of COVID-19. Many companies have been forced to transition to a remote workforce for an unknown length of time, and in-person training has now moved to virtual training for ERP software and more.

One adjustment already underway is a shift from in-person training delivery to virtual platforms. If you are looking to move your ERP software trainings online, here are a few tips to get the most out of your virtual session or class.


Virtual ERP Training Tip #1: Prepare a Format and Plan for Questions

  • Don’t let unexpected questions create stress. You can always call on another attendee who may be better suited to answer the question. A new voice provides a change of pace and makes the session more interesting.
  • Hypothetical questions will come up. Feel free to call on those who understand their processes better than the host of the virtual training session. Redirect the question to the asker or other participants with something like, “Interesting question; how would you handle the situation?”
  • Provide attendees with guidelines at the start of the session. For example, ask for questions to be submitted in the chat window after designated segments, while leaving enough time for Q&A.


Virtual ERP Training Tip #2: Keep it Short and Sweet

To keep your audience engaged and awake, virtual meetings should be no longer than an hour or two at a time. A day-long training might need to be shortened into several 2-hour sessions over a period of several days. If you need to go over a 2-hour session, be sure to include breaks.


Virtual ERP Training Tip #3: Expect the Unexpected

Doesn’t it seem like reliable technology decides not to work when you really need it? To prevent a technology hiccup during your virtual training session, test the technology you will need well in advance to resolve issues before showtime:

  • Internet connection: Plugging in can help boost an unreliable wifi connection. Long ethernet cables and secondary WiFi access points are great investments if you will be hosting frequent virtual training sessions.
  • Sound quality: It is difficult to know how you sound to others during your training unless you ask. Find a coworker to dial in early so you can troubleshoot your sound in advance of the live virtual training session. External plug-and-play mics are quite inexpensive and using this tool as a presenter can really improve participant experience.
  • Reminders and notifications: Don’t let your training be disrupted by calendar reminders or external chat notifications that can take away from the effectiveness of your session. Close unnecessary applications and chat windows prior to your live presentation to prevent disruptions. “Focus Mode“ is a helpful feature you can find on PC computers and helps to automatically disable notifications while you are in Focus Mode.
  • Computer updates: You know that computer software or application update you keep delaying and forgetting about? My computer actually initiated an automatic restart in the middle of a session once because I put them off for so long. Take it from me, make those updates well in advance of your online training.


Virtual ERP Training Tip #4:  Train the Trainer

Get to know the virtual platform and features that will help you run your training session effectively. Some of the features we find to be most useful are: mute all or specific participants, group chat (enabled for sending attachments) whiteboarding, and presenting only specific programs. In order to succeed as a presenter, know where the options are located on your screen and know how to use them. We highly recommend finding a facilitator to assist during the call to mute and unmute participants and track incoming chat questions.


Virtual ERP Training Tip #5: Keep Calm and Carry On

In any virtual training call, the unexpected can happen. Take a deep breath, adjust accordingly and roll with it. Your audience will appreciate your confidence and professionalism.


Apply these helpful presentation tips from AKA, and you are sure to host a successful virtual ERP training session. Want more tips for your virtual workforce? Read these blogs:

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Article by: Matthew Case | 212-502-3900

Matthew Case has worked with CRM for 9 years and with Microsoft Dynamics since CRM 2011. Specializing in CRM architecture, interface design, user adoption, and change management, he is driven by the desire to help users find ways to easier, more efficient work through software innovation.

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