Microsoft Dynamics 365 Helps Gauge Equipment Manufacturer Gain Ground in Customer Satisfaction

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The Client

This company, located in central Michigan, specializes in manufacturing custom measurement tools, the likes of which include digital transmitters, non-contact laser sensors, door-closing sensors and fully automated gauging equipment.


The Challenge

This client thrived in customer service, having received many awards from reputable non-profit organizations over several years. However, after reviewing some of its internal processes, it became clear that its field services agents were unable to go the extra mile for their customers. For example, because they didn't have real-time data to track repair orders, field service agents had no way of giving customers an ETA as to when those orders would be completed. The company also discovered that their sales and customer service teams lacked the updated data they could use to turn more leads into sales opportunities.


The Solution
Specializing in the implementation of customer relationship management solutions, The TM Group assessed the manufacturer's goals, pain points and capabilities in terms of what the firm needed to get the solution up and running. Given that much of the data the company's personnel needed was for when they were off-site, we recommended Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement. Although it is sold as an on-premises CRM, the cloud-based version enables users to take data with them wherever they go so workers are empowered with information that customers want and have come to expect in a digital age. D365 makes this possible through AI assistance, omnichannel and mobile text messaging.


Field service agents operate by the clock. In fact, if they don't show up in the window they said they would, customer satisfaction suffers. The schedule and dispatch optimization tools within D365 Field Service enables users to log appointments seamlessly and can categorize work orders so that they align with the field service agent that's best equipped to handle the appointment, whether that's in terms of their matching skill sets or their schedule allows them to be on site by a prescribed time. Other categories include geography, customer preferences and service level agreements.


Another advantage to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement that was particularly relevant to this client is order tracking. Through automated business process workflows, field service agents had more visibility into the status of repair orders, thus enhancing end-to-end communication. Indeed, the status updates that so often influence customers' overall satisfaction can be accessed from anywhere and on any mobile device by virtue of the cloud.


While Microsoft Dynamics may be the gold standard in customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning software, it's only half the battle. The other half is integration. There are several options to consider, but we went with eOne SmartConnect. Billed as the go-to toolset for Microsoft Dynamics products, eOne Smart Connect is aptly named because it can streamline integration from anywhere and import files to virtually any destination. It's highly scalable and ideal for ERP and CRM admins, IT  consultants and software developers. Discounts, non-repair and repair orders, price lists and address records were some of the categories we carried over from MAX ERP Manufacturing to Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement.


Appropriately, this CRM solution is highly customizable. For instance, if a customer is looking for a particular item that's in inventory, D365 Customer Engagement can search the inventory database by category, such as product model, or serial number. We decided to configure the system to match their process, which used serial numbers. This was in keeping with the client's method and what worked best.


The Result
Customer satisfaction hinges on relationship management. If they have certain expectations that businesses fail to meet, satisfaction suffers. With the new CRM software in place, field service agents were able to provide more frequent updates and virtually eliminated guesswork. In other words, they didn't have to "guesstimate" when orders would be completed - readily available data provided customers with a date certain.


Whether you're looking for an entirely new CRM system or need some tips on how to maximize its usage, The TM Group has you covered. We have the knowledge and understanding that can help your company make better decisions and insights through actionable data. Contact us today.

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