How Microsoft Dynamics Can Prepare Your Business for a Millennial Workforce

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We are living in a world of rapid change. Millennials, who by 2025 will make up 75% of the workforce, understand that the digital revolution can and will transform every aspect of organizational operations. Microsoft agrees, weaving leading-edge functions into all of the Dynamics suites of modular solutions. Consider just a few:

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With ten core business function modules, Microsoft Dynamics can bring operational improvements to every part of the organization. Microsoft’s continuous investment in expanding automation, integration, and artificial intelligence provides unlimited opportunities for employees to rethink and improve operations.

The promise of AI

Artificial Intelligence is the next frontier of data applications. With data volumes growing beyond the ability of humans to analyze, AI promises to help uncover customer preferences, improve resource management, optimize cash flow, and recommend strategic decisions based on analytics and predictive insights.

Re-imagined human resources

Dynamics supports a new approach to attracting, hiring, onboarding, and retaining talented people. Using the power of Office 365 and LinkedIn, Dynamics creates a more secure, intelligent, and connected organization. Managers and employees are empowered to track accomplishments, identify issues, and take immediate actions to optimize results.

Unlock potential

With a flexible, unified operational system, Dynamics gears up organizations to take on new opportunities. Predictive financial information identifies future trends and opportunities while collaboration supports the sharing of ideas to address those opportunities. And the regulatory compliance built into Dynamics reduces the risks when entering new markets.

“As Microsoft has grown and matured so have the millennials that have been using different Microsoft related tools and products from grade school through college and now as they enter the workforce. As a result of growing up together, millennials are familiar and comfortable with the Microsoft brand and can quickly adapt to any new features or system changes.”

Bobby Haggard, Dynamics Consultant, TrinSoft LLC

“I think millennials like Microsoft Dynamics because it does the work for them, making their life easier & more productive.”

Roland Chi, Digital Marketing Manager, Technology Management Concepts

These kinds of steps not only give companies what they need now but also build a solid foundation for future use and growth.

To see more steps on how you can prepare your business for the future, read 17 other reasons why Millennials prefer Microsoft Dynamics in the workspace by downloading the full eBook “21 Reasons Millennials Prefer Microsoft Dynamics” at

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