Customer Engagement Enhances Efficiency for HVAC Distributor

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The Client

Located in Southeast Michigan, this client provides HVAC distributor services for homeowners and businesses throughout the Wolverine State, specifically heating, ventilation, air conditioning as well as plumbing.


The Challenge

The most important function of any utility services provider is ensuring that field service teams are sufficiently equipped with the tools and tricks of the trade that allow teams to be responsive to their customers' needs. Prior to contacting The TM Group, this HVAC vendor had gone about this through Microsoft Access, a database management system that stores information and monitors business activities to help with billing. The legacy product, however, lacked many key functionalities that prevented the company from managing the company on an ongoing basis. In other words, it served as more of a way to log data from completed projects and assignments rather than to plan for what was still in the works or was up next. As a result, the client turned to supplementary file-sharing platforms that could not be integrated, thus creating a significant amount of back-end dysfunction and reducing overall efficiency.


The Solution
Having done their homework on enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management software solutions, the client fully expected to swap out its old ERP system - Prophet 21 - with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement. However, after The TM Group went over their processes and goals, we recommended instead that Prophet 21 be maintained, but be incorporated through Scribe with a customized ERP-CRM integration. This was made possible through procurement and the deployment of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement features. The client was then able to leverage detailed quote documents with individualized product categories and pricing structures.


We then focused on field service and developed project management modules that enabled stakeholders to engage with the execution of sales and projects collaboratively. During meetings, the client was able to display workflows on monitors so everyone could follow along.


The Outcome
The Scribe-supported ERP-CRM integration proved to be successful for the company by improving efficiency and giving field service technicians more visibility into ongoing projects that could be pulled up on their mobile devices from anywhere. Procurement personnel also gained new levels of speed and simplicity through accelerated purchasing workflows.


If you're considering upgrading your CRM or ERM system software, reach out to us at The TM Group. We can help your company become more agile with a customized Microsoft solution.


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