Choosing the right agency for Magento-Dynamics Business Central integration and its benefits

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Before jumping the gun to choosing the right partner for Magento and Dynamics 365 Business Central integration, the question that arches eyebrows is – Why should you integrate Magento with Dynamics Business Central? The answer is plain and simple. It enhances online shopping experience for your customers, streamlines workflows, reduces cost, minimizes errors, and generates loyal customers.

To succeed in business, merely knowing the solution to a problem is not enough. You have to be aware of the solution provider as well. By the same token, for a smooth and seamless integration and getting it done right, you need an experienced agency partner. In the absence of seasoned experts, you might face multiple challenges to the extent of disrupting your existing system. 

Now the question arises, how to choose the right agency partner who would execute the integration exercise flawlessly? You do not have to rack your brains as the following guidelines will take the burden off your shoulders and assist you in decision-making:

To explain you need to know first – Having clarity of what you are aiming at is essential. As cited by Albert Einstein, “If you can't explain it simply you don't understand it”. It is your part to explain to the agency what you really want, how it is going to help you achieve your corporate objectives, and what your budget looks like. If the agency has the potential of suggesting exactly how they can help you reach your destination, it is a good sign.

Background check is key – You would not want your hard-earned money to be wasted on an inefficient agency. Thus, a background check is important. For starters, research about the resources and skills they possess followed by the list of clients and completed projects attached  to their name. Find out the duration of their experience and their expertise in integrating e-commerce platforms with ERP systems. Engage in a friendly conversation with the agency’s clients to gauge their credibility. Have a look at their rate card and compare it with their competitors. If the agency has been outsourcing, there are high chances of you getting a cheaper price. In some cases, the location of the agency plays a significant role. You may want to hire a local agency as the project you are working on demands a collaborative approach. Last but not least, ensure that the agency is Magento certified and possesses the technical skills needed to deliver your project requirements.

User training – It is always wise to make sure the agency you hand-pick provides you standard user training. The purpose behind the thought is reduced long-term support costs. Ensure that right training and knowledge transfer is done to the right members of your team so that your integration project runs seamlessly without any obstruction.   

Now that you know how to cherry-pick your agency partner, allow us to shed light on the benefits your business will cherish post a smooth and successful integration:

Increases operational efficiency – Integration allows different departments to access real-time data stored securely in databases. This enhances operational efficiency, prevents data duplication, increases transparency, minimizes errors, and speeds up the workflow.

Seamless order management – Integration between Magento and Dynamics 365 BC streamlines order management. Novel sales orders, bills, and customer details are synchronized from Magento to Business Central automatically. The process saves time, helps in rapid order fulfilment, allows flexibility to validate customer’s credentials, and check approved orders and payment details.

Inventory management - Magento and Dynamics 365 Business Central integration helps in managing inventory levels efficiently. It makes the task of tracking inventory a child’s play. Integration increases the accuracy of data analysis that provides valuable insights like cash flow and sales forecast. As a result, it enables businesses to precisely plan out inventory levels required for fulfilling the market demand. 

Enhances customer experience – When you integrate Dynamics 365 Business Central with Magento, you are able to optimize customer engagement and take customer experience to a whole new level. When all your employees have access to a single data source, it is faster and easier to respond to customer inquiries, track pending orders, take care of service-related issues, and manage overdue invoices. In addition, it enables your sales team to spot cross-selling and upselling opportunities. Integration provides uniform service experience, augments customer satisfaction and helps in making loyal customers.


Integrating Dynamics 365 Business Central with Magento aligns your accounting, CRM, inventory, and e-commerce systems, thereby, uncovering the potential of your company and its employees. By now, you must have understood the significance of an agency partner’s role in a successful integration. The qualities that make an agency suitable for the job can be all found in i95Dev’s skilled technicians. As a matter of fact, the extensive experience that our experts hold is rare to trace in the industry. Having partnered with Magento for years and with innumerable integration success stories to their name, i95Dev is a wise pick for your integration projects. 


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