Water authority treads lighter with cloud-based Dynamics 365 Business Central

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The Client Based in the southeastern portion of the Wolverine State and founded in the 1950s, this Michigan-based water management authority maintains a public access water system station that spans over 50 square miles. It also doubles as a recycling and waste services firm although under a different name and business structure.   The Challenge As a long-tenured entity, the Midwest water facilities authority had gone through numerous workflow process overhauls align with the needs of the day. Its most recent enterprise resource planning software program was Microsoft Dynamics SL for on-premises data management. Recognizing the expedience, portability and flexibility of cloud-computing software, the public water management authority decided to upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. In doing so, this would allow the authority to save on operational costs by doing away with bulky servers by integrating and moving all its existing and future data into the cloud. The move made sense from an economical and practical standpoint as it had lost contact with its previous vendor that arranged the initial Microsoft Dynamics SL set-up, partially because it had used the legacy software longer than its intended use. In short, it was high time for an upgrade. That's where The TM Group was able to provide some needed direction.   The Solution As a replacement to the legacy system, but one that featured several similar functionalities, The TM Group recommended Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This more streamlined solution was ideal for the authority's size and customer base (small to medium-sized organizations). Some of the modules included in the software were bank reconciliation, general ledger, accounts payable and accounts receivable.   The TM Group also helped with integration and installed a fixed asset management software architecture that enabled the authority to manage well over 500 individual field structures.   The Outcome Shortly after implementation, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central paid dividends by simplifying workflows and systematizing ongoing testing procedures to ensure quality and safety for the water system. This helped the client not only address and act on compliance protocols but increased production through better visibility into ongoing operations throughout the organization, not just in accounting management. Whether you're a private business, government entity or non-profit organization looking to enhance performance with a lighter footprint, The TM Group can get you there - and faster than you might expect. Contact us to learn more.   Original blog: https://www.tmgroupinc.com/blog/water-authority-streamlines-accounting-processes-via-dynamics-365-business-central/

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