How Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Can Help You Keep Pace

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It's no secret that Millennials are quickly becoming the driving force in the workplace. Having grown up in a world of technology, they are accustomed to quick access to information and the convenience of electronically performing tasks. This fact has led many organizations to move from outdated ERP and CRM software systems to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, eliminating the risk of their Millennial employees becoming frustrated and impatient with slow, cumbersome, and inconvenient systems.

Below is a brief overview of just a few of the many reasons why Millennials prefer Dynamics 365 Business Central.

  • Productivity Anywhere - Dynamics 365 allows employees to access current data and information anywhere, at any time. This enables employees to stay fully connected and continue productivity on-the-go.
  • Integration and Automation - Dynamics 365 combines financials, sales, service, and operations into one, unified platform. Workers can easily access the information they need and perform necessary tasks with greater ease.
  • Data Mastery - Dynamics 365 provides employees with immediate access to information by centralizing all data into one platform and delivering consistent information across the organization.
  • Collaboration - Having grown up in a world of social media, Millennials are used to collaborating quickly and easily with others. Dynamics 365 allows for this in the workplace, providing a platform where employees and teams can communicate, share ideas, dashboards, and projects.
  • Security - Dynamics 365 is built with layered security, preventing the disclosure of sensitive information. This allows employees to work wherever and whenever with peace of mind.
  • The Future - Millennials understand that the digital revolution can and will transform every aspect of organizational operations. Dynamics 365 is at the forefront of that transformation making practical application of emerging technology.

How Express Information Systems Can Help

It is clear why Millennials prefer Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the many benefits that it provides. Iris Schimke, President of Express Information Systems, knows these benefits very well. For over 30 years Express Information Systems has been helping companies drive their businesses forward with the implementation of a successful ERP or CRM system such as Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Iris comments, "From our experience, millennials find it convenient to work from home or on the road.  It gives them the mobility and flexibility they enjoy.  Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM products also integrate very easily with other Microsoft products so they don’t have to learn new applications. This also helps to increase millennial user adoption and engagement."

She continues, “We find the most important tools to be the ones centered around communication. Many of these applications have integrations to your phone so that you can collaborate more easily. Most millennials avoid emails and prefer a direct message or an app that allows you to “chat” like Teams.”

The team at Express Information Systems is staffed with long-tenured professionals who are experts on all editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and its available add-ons. Today they are helping more than 300 clients to drive their businesses forward with innovative solutions to their accounting, reporting, HR, payroll, project tracking, as well as distribution and inventory management challenges. With this experience, Express Information Systems is more than ready to help your company gain greater control of its financials, sales, and operations.

If you would like to learn more about why implementing Microsoft Dynamics could mean the future of your company, and how Express Information Systems could help you with the implementation process, you can download the full eBook 21 Reasons Millennials Prefer Microsoft Dynamics.

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