Container company avoids outsourcing HR operations thanks to Microsoft Dynamics GP

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The Client
Founded in the 1970s and based in the Midwest, this  family-owned good and services provider specializes in containers and packaging.


The Challenge
The company was handling all its human resources-related management internally, such as payroll, on an enterprise resource planning software program. However, as the company grew and tax laws changed both at the federal and state level, it quickly became apparent that the ERP bundle was no longer sufficient. Some of these modifications related to sick leave and how that data was supposed to be tracked and reported.

Given the client was for the most part pleased with the functionality of its existing ERP program, it decided to go with the same vendor. The company had to call an audible shortly thereafter, given the vendor canceled its external support services.


Facing a dilemma, the family-owned packaging services provider had a decision to make: go it alone or outsource human resource operations - not an easy decision. Fortunately, The TM Group provided a third option.


The Solution
The ERP implementation professionals at The TM Group recommended Microsoft Dynamics GP, a leading ERP solution bundle that's equipped to handle multiple workflow and HR processes. This Microsoft product module that can be purchased all at once or a la carte. For example, the human resources module includes payroll management tracking to schedule and deliver payments to employees and vendors. The TM Group also suggested a few other modules designed to provide more visibility into backend workflows. Additionally, the client learned how these add-ons worked in practice, as The TM Group provided ongoing training users would need to optimize the ERP software suite.


The Outcome
The container and packaging company's trust in The TM Group's experience and understanding of the firm's needs paid off, rolling out new payroll workflows that were in keeping with tax law changes, made possible through Microsoft Dynamics GP data integration and intelligent reporting capabilities. The software solution also enabled the firm to adopt a tiered-structured 401k plan to round out its employee benefits program.


If your ERP is no longer keeping up with your business, it's time for a change. Let us show you what's possible with the very latest Microsoft Dynamics products.

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