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Bank Improves Customer Loyalty with Microsoft Power Platform

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Learn How One Bank is Strengthening Customer Relationships Using the Microsoft Power Platform

 When a new CTO took over at a large regional bank, he quickly determined that the organization needed to revamp a number of its tech solutions. Particularly in the case of customer engagement, he recognized that the bank was using old, outdated technology that hindered its ability to connect with customers. The CTO reached out to Microsoft, who quickly identified AKA Enterprise Solutions as the right Microsoft Partner for the project.


AKA Enterprise Solutions and Financial Services

With a long history of partnering with financial services organizations, AKA focuses exclusively on utilizing Microsoft products, including Dynamics 365 and Azure. At AKA, we work hard to develop the kinds of custom solutions that provide our clients with both maximum flexibility and the potential for growth. We’ve partnered with the Microsoft Team many times to deliver the right ERP solutions to our clients, and have even developed intellectual property (IP) within the financial services industry. With all of this in mind, AKA was an obvious choice for developing a custom solution for this particular client.


A Custom App Solution with the Microsoft Power Platform

We’re proud to say that we managed to address this client’s challenges over the course of a single day. During a one-day workshop, we met with some of the bank’s key team members and quickly identified what their needs were. We then worked swiftly to develop a custom Power App that could facilitate better event management at the local level.


Using this new app, branch employees and managers could share local event details with customers quickly and easily, improving their ability to engage with customers and build customer loyalty. Following the successful development of this custom app, the bank expressed an interest in upgrading their infrastructure by potentially replacing their existing Salesforce system with Dynamics 365.


How Does the Power Platform Work?

How were we able to develop and implement a custom app solution so quickly? In a word: the Microsoft Power Platform.


When Microsoft developed the Power Platform, they had one key goal in mind: to provide organizations with the ability to develop cost-effective, agile app solutions -- but in a fraction of the time often associated with custom development projects.


The Power Platform is composed of three tools: Power Apps, Power BI, and Power Automate (formerly known as Microsoft Flow). While each tool can work on its own, it’s their combined power that facilitates the kind of efficient and affordable solutions that characterize Power Platform-based apps.


One of the best things about the Power Platform is its ability to produce apps that can easily integrate with third-party software. How is this possible? The Power Platform is built on the  Common Data Service for Apps (CDS), a secure database in the Azure cloud. Thanks to this unified data schema, Power Platform apps can seamlessly integrate with both Microsoft software (such as Dynamics 365) as well as third-party solutions like Salesforce.


Find Out How the Power Platform Can Work for You

Is your organization stuck using inefficient workarounds and manual, labor-intensive processes due to shortcomings with your current tech solutions? There’s a better way. With the Power Platform, AKA can help you develop custom apps and data management solutions that can address your needs affordably and efficiently -- all while seamlessly integrating with your existing software.


Power Platform Success Stories from the Financial Services Industry

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Ready to take the next step? Contact the financial services experts at AKA today to discuss a proof of concept for your organization’s challenges.


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Article by: Tom Berger | 212-502-3900

With 20+ years of field experience, Tom Berger is Vice President of Financial Services for AKA Enterprise Solutions.

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