9 Questions Nobody Asks Their ERP Partner...But Should

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Choosing the correct implementation ERP partner can be significantly more important than you might think. The right partner will fuel your business’s growth while a wrong partner can cost you unrecoupable time and money.

So how can you make the right choice? Ask the right questions.

It can be hard to know exactly what to ask so we’ve done a little homework to help you out. Here is a brief look at 9 questions nobody asks their ERP partner...but should.

  1. What makes your implementation process successful?
  • Choosing the right partner means choosing one that truly understands your business requirements. They should be able to clearly define the implementation process as well as how they will handle any potential challenges that might come. If a partner claims they have successfully completed many implementations, don’t just take their word for it. Ask them to show you proof! Any great partner will be happy to supply you with a list of references you can contact.
  1. How can our company contribute to project success?
  • Don’t assume that your ERP implementation partner will do all the work. Everyone in your company should get their hands dirty. The executive team and every department needs to have a clear understanding of the system’s impact and how the project is going to support your business’s long-term goals. Strong communication and giving the extra time your employees need to help implement the change will reduce stress in the workplace, thereby improving project success.
  1. What is your approach to change management and training?
  • Change is like good medicine- healthy in the long run but difficult to swallow. A good ERP implementation will create lots of change. But this will likely be resisted by your team initially. Your partner should be prepared for this by having a strong strategy to help with this issue. Ask them if they will consider breaking the project into smaller parts to minimize disruption and what training plan they will have so that every employee will receive the guidance they need.
  1. How will we define and measure success?
  • Before taking on an ERP implementation, it is your responsibility to clearly define the desired outcomes you would like to have. This will give you an end goal so that when you are working with your partner, they will be able to clearly show how the ERP system will help meet those objectives. There should be well-defined metrics to act as mile markers, showing that you are heading in the direction you want. For example, your partner should provide KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators), to provide ongoing feedback on company progress.
  1. How will you assign people to our project?
  • The people selling the service aren’t going to determine whether it will succeed or not; it will be by the project delivery team. Ask your partner exactly who they intend to put on the project, and don’t be scared to ask for resumes. The ones assigned to work on your project should have not just the availability but the necessary skills related to your business requirements. Additionally, as equally as important as being experts, the project team members should have strong people skills as well.

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