Why is Choosing the Right Technology Partner so Important?  

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As companies grow, their financial and accounting systems grow with them. With this growth, companies must transition from outdated accounting systems to modern, cloud-based ones. In order to do this, the right technology partner must be chosen to implement the new system successfully and assist with training company personnel on how to operate it effectively.  

 Why is choosing the right technology partner so important? Consider just a few of the many consequences that can result from choosing a technology partner that is not the right fit: 

  • The partner makes many promises but never delivers. You end up paying more, waiting out delays, and not enjoying the system you expected. 
  • Spending all of their time on larger enterprises, the technology partner doesn’t give your company the attention you need. You have to wait to get your questions answered and are left to your own devices to solve pressing issues. 
  • Because the partner doesn’t take the time to get to know your company’s needs, it ends up costing more than originally expected and your budget spins out of control. 

Clearly, choosing the right technology partner is vital. But with so many to choose from, how do you know which one will be the best fit for your company? We will now briefly discuss five key attributes to look for that will ensure you choose the right sized technology partner. 

1. Relevant Technology Experience - Align with a company that has full knowledge of the technology you want to deploy and exactly what it will require to integrate it into your company. This will ensure that they implement solutions correctly right from the start.  

2. Knowledge of Your Business and Culture - The right technology partner will take significant interest in your company. They should ask many questions about the evolution of your current system and what you have in mind for the future of it. They will work hard to get to know your team’s values, work and communication styles, and even personalities so that their team will be prepared to work well with yours. 

 3. Prepared to Meet Long-Term Needs - A right-sized partner will be adept at looking at the big picture and recognizing areas for tech enhancements throughout your company. Because technology changes quickly, and so do the needs of a growing company, work with a vendor that looks ahead and has options not only for today but also for tomorrow. 

 4. Exceptional Personal Service - You stand the best chance for success with your technology solution when your partner offers a high-touch engagement, so expect to have many ways to contact and communicate with consultants one-on-one.  

 5. “Right Size” Customer Support - Look for a partner that implements the philosophy that every client matters—not just the large companies with deep pockets. A right-sized partner will follow-through on their promises while offering value across your engagement, from pricing to solution implementation to ongoing service.  

Express Information Systems (Express) is one such technology partner. Specializing in helping mid-market companies at all stages to find more time in their day, Express has a track record of successfully implementing the leading accounting, ERP, and CRM solutions from top technology companies. To find out more about how you can find the right-sized technology partner for your company, and if Express Information Systems might be it, download the full eBook Your Guide to Finding the Right Sized Technology Partner”. 

Then contact us or call (210) 614-9410 to start the conversation. 

By Express Information Systems, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Dynamics 365 Business Central and Sage Intacct Partner, https://www.expressinfo.com/

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