18 Experts Give Advice to ERP Buyers in New eBook – 9 Questions Nobody Asks… But Should

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What questions will you ask to find the right ERP Partner for your project?

Every partner is ready with the standard answers to the common questions ERP buyers ask about costs, experience, and implementation methodology. So you need to ask harder questions. Questions that really force the partner to think. This will help you uncover the truly valuable information about their business practices and commitment to client success.

To help you know the right questions to ask, and identify the great ERP partners out there, we’ve gone straight to the source. We’ve collected questions and advice from recognized ERP and CRM implementation experts that have all been through this process hundreds of times.

They tell you what you should ask. Even the questions they wish you wouldn’t ask.

Get advice from:

AKA Enterprise Solutions

Boyer & Associates

CAL Business Solutions

Crestwood Associates LLC

CRM Dynamics

Crowe, LLP

Express Information Systems


Intelligent Technologies, Inc

InterDyn Artis, an LBMC Technology Solutions Company

JOVACO Solutions

Logan Consulting

Modern ERP, LLC

P2 Automation, LLC


Technology Management Concepts

TrinSoft LLC


All of these partners are ready to assist you. Go ahead and ask the tough questions. Your success depends on it.

Download this free eBook now at www.erpsoftwareblog.com/9questions

By ERP Software Blog Writer, www.erpsoftwareblog.com

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