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John Stucky, TrinSoft, LLC

Working Remotely: Tips and Tricks

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As the world adjusts to the COVID-19 quarantines, more and more companies are moving to remote work to protect the health of their employees and their families. While some businesses have already made this move, this is uncharted territory for many. Even if your company has some remote workers, it is unlikely that all of your employees have experienced it. We at TrinSoft wanted to share some tips we have learned over the years about working from home.

  1. Be Kind to Yourself: If you have never worked from home before, be patient with yourself. If you have worked from home before, reach out to your friends who haven't and share with them how you make it work. If your mental health is being affected, contact your employer to see if there are any programs they provide, and how they apply during the quarantine. If not, reach out to family and friends, along with looking into online support groups, or apps to help you feel better. You do not have to suffer alone.
  2. Be Patient with Others: Be patient with your coworkers. Help them adjust to this new way of working, and the favor will be returned. Check-in with them. They may be struggling more than you think.
  3. Timing: Respect your time. Many companies are wary of encouraging remote work because they believe that it will lead to huge amounts of wasted time. The opposite is far more likely. It is easy to get caught up in work at home. Set your clock in and clock out times, lunch break, little breaks for stretching, and stick to them.
  4. Your Space: Keep a designated workspace that is only for you while you work. If you have kids at home or are unable to set aside a closed-off space for yourself, keep what you may need for work close by to limit disturbing your work area.
  5. Constant Communication: During business hours, use free services, like Microsoft Teams, to stay connected with your company. Check-in with your fellow employees as often as you can. Hold video meetings, call, or find other creative ways to communicate. Contact that is more than just an email will help connect you and your coworkers far more than you would expect.

If you think of any we missed, please share them below! Our team would love to learn some new tips, too. Remember to stay calm, healthy, and compassionate. If there is anything TrinSoft can do for you, reach out at We want to help in any way we can.

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  1. cent per cent agreed with you. Even though we are working from home, we should respect our working hours and work accordingly.

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