Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform Just Got Even Better with its New AI Updates

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In recent years, many companies have discovered the countless benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and have come to appreciate how powerful this program and its extended applications can be. But Microsoft is determined to keep making improvements in every way possible, particularly with enhanced artificial intelligence (AI). Starting in April 2020 and continuing through September 2020, they will be rolling out over 400 new applications and updates for Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform.

The goal for these improvements is to continue helping organizations unify data across their company. Notice just 4 of these new AI-driven updates.

Personalize customer experiences with unified data and unmatched time to insight

Due to disconnected systems and data siloes, many organizations struggle to keep their company personalized and consistent for enhanced customer experience.

For this reason, Microsoft is making updates to Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, Microsoft’s customer data platform (CDP). They are introducing new first and third-party data connections to further enrich customer profiles that can be updated and activated in real-time as well as gain deeper insights by using Azure Synapse Analytics. This allows a company to predict customer needs and receive guidance on the next best action to take throughout a customer’s lifetime. Companies can also integrate Microsoft Forms Pro—the simple, powerful enterprise survey solution, bringing in the valuable voice of customers. With this, organizations can act on insights based on changing customer behavior and perception.

Automate sales forecasting with predictive analytics

With the new manual and predictive forecasting capabilities that are now available for Dynamics 365 Sales and for Dynamics 365 Sales Insights, organizations are able to have a more accurate sales forecast. These predictive forecasting capabilities enable anyone, not just data scientists or tech experts, to access the insights that allow for the proactive decision-making needed to meet sales goals.

Also, with a new engagement center designed to accelerate sales, Microsoft is giving each seller a direct way to handle new leads and opportunities. The engagement center provides them with their own work queue and uses advanced AI to put the highest priority leads and tasks to the top. This immersive system helps sellers stay within Dynamics 365 so they can quickly move from one lead to the next without having to switch views.

Transform the back office with AI-infused Finance Insights

Microsoft isn't just improving AI capabilities for customer and sales insights, they are also bringing its power to the finance department with Dynamics 365 Finance Insights. By using the power of AI, Finance Insights allows a company to not only quickly understand and act on their financial position but also to take proactive action to improve it. Menial tasks will automatically be taken care of so that finance personnel can focus on bigger tasks.

Drive the success of service-centric organizations by connecting cross-functional project teams

Microsoft is announcing a new application that connects cross-functional project teams. Dynamics 365 Project Operations delivers everything needed to optimize operations—from prospect to cash—all within one application. This application is built on Microsoft's unified business cloud and will help businesses more efficiently manage data.

As the business world continues to grow, Microsoft is growing with it by using the unique capabilities AI has to offer. These new and improved capabilities will join hundreds of other updates headed to Dynamics 365 and the Microsoft Power Platform. You can read the full article here at to see these ground-breaking updates discussed in more detail.

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