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How to Modify SmartList Designer When SmartList Builder is Installed in Dynamics GP

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    Have you ever experienced this problem with Dynamics GP?  When both SmartList Designer and SmartList Builder are installed, SmartList Designer reports will not be able to be modified until SmartList Builder is temporarily disabled.  This is an easy fix.  The steps below describe how to do this.

    First open SmartList.  Next, go to Tools > Customize > Customization Status, as shown below.

    Disable SmartList Builder

    Next, disable SmartList Builder as below.

    Disable SmartList Builder

    Next, pull up your SmartList and click Modify. SmartList Designer will open.  Change any parameter needed.  In this case, in order to add CMP-TRNSIT, I had to change the parameter as below.

    Disable SmartList Builder

    Click OK.  Now review the SmartList.  You will see that it has been modified, and now captures both Champaign locations.

    Disable SmartList Builder

    Finally, we cannot forget to go back and Enable SmartList Builder as below.

    Disable SmartList Builder

    Following this simple tip will allow you to modify a SmartList Designer report with ease. If you have trouble with this or have any other Dynamics GP questions, please reach out to us! Our Support team loves to hear from you!

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