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GP Underused Features of the Week: Distribution

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    With the Dynamics GP licensing model, the Starter Pack is the base pack that everyone owns.  Did you know that the starter pack comes with over 60 sub-modules?!?  How many of those are you using?  Do you think there are some that you aren’t currently using that would make you more efficient?   With that many modules, I am sure there is something you could find to help streamline your processes and make your day a little easier.


    This week, we are focusing on the Distribution modules.  Here are a few features in Distribution that are underused and can be super helpful.  Check out the links below for more blogs and videos on each topic.


    • Workflow
    • Fixed Assets
    • PO Generator
    • Account Rollups


    If you have any questions, you can check out our underused features page or contact us for more information!

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