Could Microsoft Dynamics GP Help YOUR Company Eliminate Data Entry and Overpayments?

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Since making the change to Microsoft Dynamics GP, VNA Healthcare & Hospice has seen this system greatly improve many departments of the company. Let’s consider just one: Payroll.

As with many companies, VNA Community Healthcare & Hospice was spending a significant amount of hours each week manually inputting accounting and payroll data. This was costing the company extra money and time while also leaving room for human error. “A big chunk of time had been spent keying information into the system, and, of course, this resulted in mistakes; we did not have the time to properly analyze the data,” said Maria Fowler, Payroll Administrator at VNA Community Healthcare & Hospice.

How did switching to Microsoft Dynamics GP affect the company's payroll? CAL Business Solutions was able to build an application within Microsoft Dynamics GP that pulls the raw data from the revenue system and then performs the complicated calculations, ensuring that everyone is getting paid the right amount. In addition to providing accuracy, this application cut the time the company spent on payroll each week in half.

And what about the possibility of human error that we mentioned earlier? CAL Business Solutions was able to catch one such error within the payroll system at VNA Community Healthcare & Hospice. “CAL found out that we had been overpaying our employees for a specific exception for mileage and travel time. They built a rule into the payroll system that catches this error. In seven months, we have already saved about $20,000,” said Maria Fowler

VNA Community Healthcare & Hospice has certainly seen the benefit of implementing Microsoft Dynamics GP into their company, having already saved thousands of dollars in the first few months. In what other areas have they benefited? And why do they recommend partnering with CAL Business Solutions to implement Microsoft Dynamics GP?

To read their full story visit: Healthcare Services Company Eliminates Data Entry and Overpayments by Automating Payroll in Microsoft Dynamics GP

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