Why You Should Rethink Information Management

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For years you have considered your business processes and information management to be fine. Nothing fancy, nothing innovative, but it has worked for years, albeit a little inefficiently. Why do companies keep up with antiquated processes, even if they're out-dated and inefficient? Because they're comfortable and familiar.

However, comfortable and familiar does not always cut it, especially when it comes to information management. As technology continues to advance, the way that information is managed and processed must advance with it in order for companies to remain competitive, compliant, secure and agile. Today’s best-in-class organizations are taking advantage of technology like paperless automation/document management, like MetaViewer, with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) functionality to handle their workflows and data more effectively.

What does inefficient process/information management look like? Take a look below to see if any of these points match how you're currently managing your company's data:

  • Collecting invoices and other documents in the mail or having to print them when they arrive electronically.
  • Play the back-and-forth game, passing documents from desk to desk based on your current approval rules.
  • Make copies of invoices and other documents and file them away in storage boxes and filing cabinets in that crowded (and kind of creepy) storage room in the basement. The room where documents go to die.
  • Stringing together multiple legacy systems, which may include homegrown document management solutions and ERPs to manage transactions.
  • Information makes it into your electronic filing system through manual data entry. A lot of manual data entry.

If any (or all) of these bullet points describe the way you're currently processing invoices and other information, it's time to re-evaluate and find a solution to your inefficient processes. This solution is paperless automation/document management. The right paperless automation/document management solution gives you full visibility, increased efficiency, employee satisfaction and substantial return on investment (ROI). Document management/paperless automation improves:

  • Areas of your business that are under-performing
  • Areas of your business that have inconsistent or non-standardized processes
  • Areas of your business where employees aren’t performing up to their potential because they’re too busy with manual, repetitive tasks
  • Areas of your business where processes are high-volume
  • Areas of your business where processes are (or could be) rule-based
  • Areas of your business that are prone to human error
  • Areas of your business where Microsoft Dynamics ERPs are utilized

Are your processes looking a little laggard? It's time to rethink how you are managing information, data and documents for the modern age and to welcome in new processes and procedures with paperless automation/document management.

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