SAP vs. Dynamics 365 for Financial Services: Why Unit Trust Chose 365

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The Unit Trust Corporation, a Major Financial Institution, Modernizes Its Operations with Microsoft Dynamics 365

As one of the largest financial institutions in the Caribbean, the Unit Trust Corporation (UTC) has been helping Caribbean citizens achieve financial security and independence for nearly four decades. In order to continue to provide residents of Trinidad and Tobago with the financial services they need, UTC determined that they needed to undergo a major digital transformation.


Over time, the ERP system that UTC depended on had become outdated. According to Kerri Maharaj, Chief Financial Officer at UTC, it was becoming increasingly difficult to use various aspects of their old software systems, including SAP. Updating these systems or making changes would often require consultation with external IT experts, which was both expensive and time consuming.


Further, they determined that they needed to improve the way they approached various ongoing tasks, including reporting, bank reconciliation, and investment management. Chief Information Officer Warren Sookdar concluded that UTC needed access to more precise and detailed information, and that their current systems simply weren’t capable of providing the level of detail that they needed.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP Software

UTC knew that they needed to choose the right ERP software solution: something that would allow them to innovate, and that would keep them on the cutting edge of technological innovation for years to come. After looking into multiple options, the team at UTC determined that Dynamics 365 was the best choice to meet their needs. According to Executive Director Nigel Edwards, Microsoft Dynamics 365 was the “hands down” winner. Compared to other potential software solutions, Dynamics 365 was easy to use, highly configurable, and offered a user-friendly interface.


Given the size and complexity of UTC’s existing systems, however, it was clear that they needed to choose a Microsoft partner that could help them make a smooth and seamless transition to Dynamics 365. They also needed a partner that could custom tailor Dynamics 365 to meet UTC’s unique needs, as well as provide the necessary training for the organization’s employees. Given our years of experience working with financial services companies in combination with our deep understanding of Microsoft business applications, UTC decided to partner with AKA Enterprise Solutions.


In the end, we proved to be the perfect fit. Take a look at this video to see how the employees at UTC feel about their experience working with AKA:


Simply put, the Unit Trust Corporation is highly satisfied with both their decision to switch to Dynamics 365 as well as their partnership with AKA Enterprise Solutions. By improving efficiencies and providing deep, data-driven insights, their new ERP system is helping them save time and money.


To learn more about UTC’s story, take a look at the extended version of the video above: How the Unit Trust Corporation (UTC) is Ensuring the Financial Future of Generations with a Digital Transformation Fueled by Microsoft Dynamics 365 and AKA Enterprise Solutions.


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Article by: Amy Spencer | 212-502-3900

Amy leads the team that is responsible for go-to-market strategies, messaging, and demand generation for AKA’s financial services practice. The better part of her 25+ year career has been dedicated to working for Microsoft's most successful ERP and CRM partners, including The Taylor Group (aka & Surebridge), Navint (acquired by Tribridge and then DXC), Innovia Consulting, and now AKA Enterprise Solutions.

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  1. Logical Post. Though with many benefits that SAP offers, still, majority organisation are going for SAP. And SAP also promised maintenance till 2040 now. That really matters.

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