SmartFill and Repository Records – What are they and what do they do?

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Repository Records in SmartFill are the link between the SmartFill Object and the Microsoft Dynamics GP window and field where you intend to use SmartFill.  Many of the Repository records are already created for you when you install SmartFill, but if you go to a window and try using SmartFill on a particular field and it doesn’t invoke, you can add a Repository record, and expand the capability of your SmartFill object.  Let’s look at how to add a Repository record to the Vendor ID on the Vendor Credit Summary window.


Click the Blue r | Repository.

In the Repository Maintenance window, click the plus sign as shown below:


Repository Maintenance Window in Dynamics GP


This will open the Lookup Creation Wizard.


Lookup creation wizard in Dynamics GP


Click Next.

Select your SmartFill Object (in this case it is Vendors) and click Next.



You will now have two windows open, the Lookup Creation Wizard window is still open, and the Add New Lookup window appears.



The steps to follow are documented on the Lookup Creation Wizard window as shown above.

Open the Vendor Credit Summary window (this is the window where I want to add the SmartFill lookup functionality) and you will see that the Add New Lookup window remains open next to the Microsoft Dynamics GP window I just opened.



Click in the Vendor ID field on the Vendor Credit Summary window, and the Add New Lookup window will show that as the Field you are selecting.

On the Add New Lookup window, click Add Lookup.



Once you see the ‘Lookup added successfully’ message, click Done.

It really is that simple and easy to add a new Repository record to a window.  If you have a GP field where SmartFill is not invoking, but you believe it should, adding the Repository record is the first step to getting the field working properly with SmartFill again.  You may see a message that states that the lookup already exists, and in that case, it is okay to click the Remove Lookup button on the Add New Lookup window, then click the Add Lookup button to re-add the Repository record.  This is a troubleshooting step that can save you time, if you find that you have an Object that just doesn’t seem to work.


Keep in mind that SmartFill Objects can be added to most windows in Microsoft Dynamics GP where the field you are searching exists.  A good example of this would be the Sales Transaction Entry window, where you could have a SmartFill Object invoke for the Customer ID and have another SmartFill Object setup to invoke on the Item Number field.  These  are two separate SmartFill Objects each with their own Repository record to tell SmartFill to invoke on that window for that field.


SmartFill can also be used with some third party products, if they are written in Dexterity (the programming language of Microsoft Dynamics GP).  We have some pre-built third party based objects available for download from our website.


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