Is It Time to Replace Dynamics SL? Questions to Ask Yourself.

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Sure, Dynamics SL has served your business well for many years. You’ve invested a lot of time and effort in getting the system up and running and tweaking it to meet your needs. But, as your business grows and changes, there may come a time where it is no longer as good of a fit as it once was. For example, do you have remote or traveling workers who want to be more productive outside the office? They would enjoy the mobility a cloud ERP system can offer. Unfortunately, that’s one area in which Dynamics SL has struggled to deliver. After all, its code base was originally written in the 1980s. And, as we all know, a lot has changed with technology since then. So, if you’re wondering whether now’s the time to replace Dynamics SL, watch the brief video below. It walks you through several key questions SL users in your position should ask themselves.

Can’t watch the video or prefer to read instead? Check out this blog post on our website where we discuss the signs is time to replace Dynamics SL.

Did you answer yes to many of these questions? Then, chances are good it’s time to think about replacing Dynamics SL and looking at other ERP options to see if one of them might better serve your needs.


There’s a ton of options out there. What solution do you recommend for companies who want to replace Dynamics SL?

The answer to this question is “it depends.” But if you’re looking for a good place to start, we would suggest you look at Acumatica. There are three simple reasons for this.

  1. Acumatica was cofounded by a former CEO of Solomon software. So, users of Dynamics SL will see a lot of similarities between the solutions, which often makes the transition much smoother.
  2. Acumatica is a true cloud solution meaning you can access it anywhere you have an Internet connection on any device. All you need is a web browser.
  3. Although it is a young company, founded just over a decade ago, Acumatica has become the fastest growing cloud ERP on the market today. 74% of its workforce is devoted to research and development, proof of its commitment to continuously improving the software and keeping up with changing technology trends. So, you can be confident it will fit your business today and in the future.

Explore Acumatica in greater detail.

Want more general advice on how to tell when it’s time to replace your ERP, or how to choose the right system? Visit this web page. It’s full of resources to answer your ERP buying questions and help you feel confident in your decision.

Or, if you’re someone who prefers hands-on help, we can do that too. Schedule your one-on-one consultation to speak directly with one of our experts.

By: Laura Schomaker, Intelligent Technologies Inc., a South Carolina Microsoft and Acumatica partner.

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