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The Accounting Hamster Wheel

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    In my youth, I was blessed to have one the most interesting creatures as a pet. A hamster! His name was Tuffy and he was a Teddy Bear Hamster. Tuffy liked working the midnight shift. Being a nocturnal creature, he would spend hours upon hours through the night in his cage running in his hamster wheel. Occasionally, read: more than Mom liked, he would break free from the cage, the wheel and the routine he had! He explored the house, surprised my mom and brought me great relief when I saw he was alive and well.

    You are probably wondering what a hamster, a cage and a wheel have to do with accounting!  Well, year end close is here and many of our accounting users are running as fast as they can on their digital hamster wheel producing the same information, month over month, year over year! Many of our accounting and finance users are then spending all their time and energy getting the reporting needed for board meetings, managers and directors charged with their areas of responsibility. Is there a better way?

    Well, first of all, let us acknowledge that it is mid January and we are on the hamster wheel as we speak (or read as the case may be)! There is no stopping this round of financial exercise. Modern ERP is your helping hand. We are providing, for a very limited time (expires 1/20/2020) a $99 special that will provide you with advice, consulting, direction, guidance, how to's and training for your year end processing --  click here for booking options. 

    You can use this time for whatever you need. There is no stopwatch, no hard and fast time limits. When we get together, we will help you meet the regulatory, legal, compliance, managerial and executive demands that come this time of year. Once the dust settles on year end processing, we can follow up and find a new, better process that will get you off the hamster wheel and more freedom! Then, you too (just like Tuffy) can be free to excel and thrive!

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