Power BI Mobile Apps: What They Are and Why You Should Be Using Them

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In this technologically advanced society, it has become necessary to be able to constantly gather and analyze data in order to maintain a competitive advantage. Through Microsoft Power BI mobile apps, you can consume your data at any time through your mobile device or tablet. This enables you to have quick and easy access to your data whenever necessary.

What are Power BI mobile apps?

Power BI mobile apps are applications for your mobile and tablet devices that enable you to quickly view your Power BI reports and dashboards. They allow you to connect to your data, make insights, collaborate on the go, and get notified whenever your data changes.

Power BI mobile apps allow you to consume your data, however, you cannot create or edit reports. The apps work very similarly to the Power BI service. You can quickly navigate from different workspaces, reports, and dashboards by using tabs. You can interact with your Power BI reports by clicking on different visuals or using slicers to filter the data.

Microsoft Power BI mobile app

Why should you be using Power BI apps?

Power BI mobile apps have many useful functions that make consuming and sharing your data extremely easy. By clicking the ellipses at the bottom of the screen while viewing a report or dashboard, you open a variety of features such as Siri shortcuts, annotations, filters, navigation buttons, and favorites.

Power BI annotate feature

The annotate feature is a great way to collaborate with others based on the data in your Power BI report. This feature allows you to make notes on your reports and dashboards and share them with other people on your team. You can make annotations by typing text, placing emotions, or free handing words and graphics. Once you’re finished, you can click the share button at the top of the screen to send the message out through email, text, or other collaboration tools.

Microsoft Power BI Mobile annotate feature

Power BI data alerts

Power BI mobile apps also allow you to set up personal data alerts on your dashboards. These alerts will notify you when your single number visuals, such as a card or gauge, change beyond the limits that you set. This eliminates the need to continually check dashboards.

How to get started with Power BI mobile apps

Create a phone layout

The first step to get started is to create a phone layout. The phone layout allows you to customize a view of your report pages or dashboard. You can customize your phone layout by clicking on the view tab in the ribbon.

Power BI Mobile

Download the app

The next step is to download the app from your app store.  Once downloaded you will log into the app using your Power BI credentials, and you are ready to view your reports and dashboards.

By utilizing Power BI and Power BI mobile apps, you have insight into the performance of your business in the palm of your hand with little to no effort.  This allows you to spend less time prepping and consuming your data, and more time turning your data driven insights into action.

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