How you can improve your shipping strategies in 2020

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2020 is HERE, have you evaluated your shipping strategies to prepare your business for the new year? With the right approach and a few key pointers, you can have it all: a system that addresses your immediate issues and is poised for future growth. NMB Solutions, in collaboration with BluJay Solutions, is proud to give you a Parcel and LTL shipping solution that can save your money, ship easier and grow your business even faster.

What is Parcel for Dynamic 365 Finance & Operation?

Parcel for Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations is the result of a partnership between NMB Solutions and BluJay Solutions. It is an enterprise-class shipping solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 users that enables companies to pack and ship smarter, reducing time and cost per package with easy-to-use shipping and compliance management. With Parcel for D365 FO you can save money, ship easier and grow your business even faster

Why you should choose Parcel for Dynamics 365 Finance and operations?

BluJay’s Parcel integration with D365 FO: Parcel for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations integrates BluJay Parcel’s core functionality directly into D365FO, from the quotation and sales order process through to shipping, manifesting, invoicing and freight charge reconciliation. It is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO, providing users with an unprecedented level of control over the entire shipping process, minimizing errors from unnecessary data duplication or re-entry, and seamlessly integrating into the ERP workflow. Part of BluJay’s Global Trade Network, Parcel can be deployed to suit your business, either cloud or on-premises. With fast implementation, your solution is up and running quickly, accelerating the delivery of business benefits and return on investment.


Shipping Documents and printing labels: We all know it can be difficult to prepare shipping documents and it takes time to prepare all the export documents. With Parcel for D365 FO, you can create and print important documents such as the Bill of lading (BOL), Certificate of Origin (COO), Commercial Invoice (CI), US NAFTA Agreement, Canada Customs Invoice, and the Shipper’s letter of instruction for international Shipments in no time. You can also create an accrual voucher based on shipping charges and posting profiles. Shipping containers and packages have label requirements that need to meet delivery guidelines to ensure proper handling of goods and to help the receiver to identify the products. With Parcel for D365 FO, you can create and print labels with a few clicks.


International Shipments: When you ship goods to different countries, you’re likely to face challenges. However, it shouldn’t scare you away from wanting to take your business worldwide. You can minimize the risk of international shipments with global trade compliance features of Parcel for D365 FO. This solution supports the broadest set of carriers in the industry, serving both domestic and international requirements, and provides export and compliance documentation, supporting even the most sophisticated business rules (e.g. break bulk, advance rate shipping, and multi-leg zone skipping).


Detailed Tracking Capabilities: Parcel for D365 FO provides you detailed data to help shippers determine exactly what was delivered and when. This tracking capability lets you get out in front of a potential customer service issue before it occurs or responds quickly if it does develop. Some shipments are time sensitive and need to be at certain places at a certain time. Using Parcel for D365 FO, you can effectively track those packages and take a more proactive customer service stance when warranted by calling ahead if a problem rears its head. A Detailed tracking system not only helps you to manage your supply chain properly, but also gives you a competitive edge over others.

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