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Let’s face it, we all have a wish list when it comes to being able to do certain things in Dynamics GP.

Dynamics GP Toolbox, one of our most popular Dynamics GP add-ons, is packed with a ton of functionality (27 tools to be exact) designed to save you time, money, and frustration while improving your Dynamics GP user experience.

We took the top tools in our Toolbox to help make Year-End Close simpler and easier.


#1 Security Manager

View, report and manager security all in one location.

Filter by roles and see all the roles on the left side of the screen and view on the right who has access to what in Dynamics GP.

In the security grid, you can view roles only, roles and tasks, or roles, tasks and details.

If your Auditor wants to see what your users have access to, there is a report for that.

Security Report in Dynamics GP

You can also export security information to excel. You can view, make changes, and import it back in.


#2 Inactivity Time-out

Great for Year-End so you can make sure you can get in the system when you need to.

Log users out of Dynamics GP that have been sitting idle in the system for a length of time that you specify. Not only can you do this by an individual user, you can also set up user groups. For example, your light users could be set up to have 30 minutes of inactivity before gracefully logging them out of the system.


#3 System Lockout

It’s time for those Year-End updates and you need to make sure everyone is out of the system for this to happen. For this you can lock down one or multiple companies, you can customize a message to the users, and you can schedule a time for the lockout to happen.


#4 Batch Review

This is your one-stop-shop batch management window. You can see all the transactions for a batch in one window. You can approve, post and delete a batch. You can add new transactions, edit transactions, delete transactions or even move them to another batch. You can call yourself the Batch Master with this tool!

Dynamics GP Batch Review

#5 Period Open & Close

If you have more than one company than this is the tool for you. You can close one or more companies with a single click. You can reopen them as well. And you can generate the next fiscal year.

Think of how much time you will save.


#6 Mentor

This is a tool for everyone. It is like our famous product SmartFill except it is for finding windows across GP and even other 3rd party solutions. This is great for those first Year-End users or new to GP. Also, great for the year-end process so you can find all those year-end windows that you need.


#7 PopUp

The post-it notes for Dynamics GP. There are system-wide notes, create your own notes, and you can even have a tip of the day. Share those important year-end procedures or tips to make year-end simpler and easier.

Dynamics GP PopUp


If you would like to see these tools in action check out the recording for our Top Requested Tools for Year-End Webinar.

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