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Are you manually exporting data from your ERP system to Excel and compiling several spreadsheets? Are you manually formatting reports and presentations? If this is you, there is hope and no need to dread over your company’s budgeting process. There are tools to improve your budgeting and reporting processes. We will cover key features you could expect from modern corporate performance management (CPM) solutions.


Budgeting and Reporting Can be Easy


Take Excel to the next step. Every organization needs a powerful financial reporting tool to speed up decisions to remain competitive. Report writers enable organizations to analyze and manage their data without leaving any faulty data. It may be a shock that many people design their spreadsheets to manage critical business processes with very little auditing. This means that most spreadsheets have a poor foundation which leaves room for potential issues. Find a financial tool that offers the benefit of Excel-based reporting and form design including a database-driven storage and cloud-based architecture to make budgeting and reporting much easier and simpler.

Modern CPM solutions, like Solver, have powerful Excel report designer add-ins that connect to a cloud portal where all end users enter budgets and run reports in a browser environment. It is necessary to communicate the value of budgeting to the entire company and how it supports strategic goals. Every organization should find a solution that has customizable budgeting templates to help organize and deploy your budget according to specific industry best practices.

When Analyzing the Finished Budget, Use Power BI


Many CPM tools offer modules that make it easier to deploy and maintain your dashboards. The ideal solution provides a user-friendly, pre-configured cloud data warehouse that has several data connectors. Consolidating all of your data sources with a modern data warehouse makes it faster and easier to design dashboards and to analyze your data with powerful dashboard solutions like Microsoft’s Power BI. By utilizing a reporting tool like Solver with a leading analytics and dashboard tool like Power BI, your company will get the best of CPM and BI. Learn more to see how these two Microsoft Azure-based solutions will help you.


Clearly, a CPM solution has the ultimate goal of helping a company make faster and better business decisions. Instead of carrying the burden of maintaining multiple report writers and a lack of enterprise-wide dashboards, a CPM software tool like Solver offers reporting, planning and dashboards across many systems.


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