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This article discusses about modern reporting, using BI360 as an example of a system that is affordable and helps organizations to make better business decisions.

As we are approaching a new decade, many organizations are looking to modernize their financial reporting processes. Most companies these days are always seeking a cloud-based report writer that can report on their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) data regardless of where it sits. Organizations also look for strong formatting and calculation capabilities so they can stop manually exporting their ERP reports to Excel to get them presentation ready.


Modern Cloud Reporting that is accessible and affordable
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Learn about the Cloud Starter Offer

However, cloud-based reporting solutions are usually not very affordable especially for small and mid-sized companies. With Solver’s Cloud Starter Offer for BI360, businesses can finally get modern financial reporting for the price of $195 per month. This offer includes:

BI360 Partner

This offer is available for BI360 partners only. BI360 is a reporting tool that can also assist you in consolidations, budgeting, forecasting and dashboards to help you make better, faster business decisions. Solver is attending some of the industry’s biggest events before the end of the year. Please see the events below. Stop by Solver’s booths to say hello and learn more about Solver’s Cloud Starter Offer.

Do the Research

Feel free to look at software reviews and even compare corporate performance management (CPM) and reporting tools on G2 to see which product is the best and affordable solution for you and your company. If you are struggling to find a CPM tool that fills in all of the blanks, Solver has a team of professionals that can get your company started.

Learn more about our product and the cloud starter offer here.

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