Moving to Business Central? You need OMA: The All-in-one Development Tool

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Are you looking for a great platform that converts C/AL to AL codes, and migrates objects from Microsoft Dynamics NAV to dynamics 365 business central in a more versatile and efficient way? Then Idyn's Object manager advanced is your best bet in the market.  


Object manager advanced( OMA) is a fully integrated tool in Microsoft Dynamics NAV/BC that can easily navigate from AL & C/AL codes, add prefixes in AL automatically, and can convert C/AL to AL directly from any NAV version. OMA is the ultimate developer tool that set you apart from the rest.  With OMA , you are able to create apps in BC and implement changes with no external applications. OMA supports seamless object changes, multi-user development tasks, deployment processes, with task changes.  


More than 10,000 developers and over 1000 companies around the world use OMA to improve their everyday workloads that can be overwhelming sometimes when you have to navigate multiple platforms, with back and forth conversions. Also, as evidenced for breaking new grounds, OMA was awarded the best download award by Mibuso in 2011 and honored by Microsoft itself with Microsoft innovation award.


It is safe to assume that idyn’s OMA, is a re-invented version of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV/BC development environment. OMA is remarkable for its number of new features that consequently reduces costs, saves time, and enhances the quality of development work. The biggest gainers from this tool are those who use Microsoft Dynamics NAV/ Business central.


Object manager advanced performs three functions, which is to develop, convert, analyze, and deploy objects/codes during a development process.


The development tools are integrated and thoroughly adapted to the BC environment, and all functionalities work for both the C/AL and AL.


With OMA, you have the ability to convert C/AL to AL codes efficiently, and it goes back and forth. Unlike other platforms, you’ll need to convert your codes to .TXT first before deployment, but with OMA you can work within your object because there is no need for export time, you are just a few clicks away from converting from C/AL to AL, and your file opens directly on visual studio codes.


OMA offers several embedded features that help developers analyze their tools, codes, and subscribers. With OMA , you are be able to see the number of subscribers and the number of times the tool is used. You are also able to find out where objects, triggers, keys, fields, and functions are used; track down unused variables, keys, and fields.


In previous versions, you’d need to thoroughly check, test, and compare your files before deploying them just to avoid unnecessary errors. However, OMA puts a stop to endless checking, testing, comparing before deployment.

You’ll just be able to merge all modifications and import to your customer database, and of course, you’ll be able to do this all from your Microsoft Dynamics NAV/BC. So no need changing from system to system.

Key Features of OMA

  • Filter on extensions in Object Explorer
  • Where used: extension-related information appears throughout OMA, see the number of subscribers and the number of times used
  • Guideline checking: navigate from your list of comments to Visual Studio in one click
  • Modify your code and check again. OMA will monitor your work outside NAV and update file history inside NAV/BC
  • Export any C/AL object as an AL file
  • Any AL file can be converted to a C/AL object
  • Easy tracking of modifications on objects
  • Lock objects, so other developers can see who is working on a particular object
  • Automatically save source code every time you make a change
  • Easy rollback or compare the new code to a previous version
  • Renumber objects and fields directly in your database
  • Easily track down unused variables, keys, and fields
  • Quickly check if your development meets the coding - and GUI standards
  • Fully integrated into NAV/BC


Object Manager Advanced has evolved to meet the demanding needs of Microsoft Dynamics NAV /Business Central Developers. With all the features and possibilities of Idyn’s OMA, you’d be ripping the benefits of a multi-functional platform. Learn more about OMA here.

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