How the Outlook Integration with Microsoft Business Central is a Game-Changer for Entrepreneurs

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If you’re an entrepreneur, you’re used to juggling many different software applications to keep your business afloat. But thanks to the recent Business Central and Microsoft Outlook integration, using both of these software applications has become one easy, streamlined process. You can communicate with customers and clients via email while gathering helpful business analytics and putting them into action. This seamless integration allows you to run your business over email. You don’t just get to communicate with customers more easily. You gain valuable information that helps you with other aspects of your business offline!

How Does It Work?

You can use Microsoft Business Central with Outlook by installing the Business Central add-ins. Sometimes these add-ins will automatically be included as part of your new Outlook inbox after you create a business account. However, other times you may have to manually install the Business Central add-ins to your Outlook account. You can find them under the “Get Add-ins” page in Outlook. Once the add-ins are installed, you’ll be able to access the Business Central features with ease on the Outlook ribbon.

How You Can Use the Outlook Integration with Microsoft Business Central

When you use business central on Outlook, you’re not just gaining a business inbox. You’re gaining valuable tools that bring you closer to meeting your business goals. No matter how you choose to use Business Central in Outlook, you’ll experience fantastic results.

Create Quotes and Invoices

There are so many applications for the Microsoft Outlook and Business Central integration! Sending quotes and invoices has never been this easy! You don’t even have to leave Outlook to review customer statistics and past invoices. Then, when you need to bill a customer, it’s easy to convert your quote into an invoice and send it via email.

Organize Customer Information

Do you find yourself forgetting important details about your customers? With the Microsoft Business Central and Outlook integration, you can create contacts starting the moment you receive your first email from a new customer. This helps you access all you need to know about customers in one convenient place. Whenever you get an email and you need a refresher on a customer, simply review their contact information.

How This Integration Benefits Your Business

When you use Business central on Outlook, you are saving yourself time and improving business efficiency. You’ll have a wealth of business analytics right at your fingertips. Your overall workflow will greatly improve! This integration allows you and your employees to be more productive than ever before. You can take on more customers and close more sales. However, the quality of your interactions with these customers will never suffer. Each of your customers will feel cared for. You’ll be able to promptly create quotes and invoices, respond to inquiries, and more.

Still Have Questions?

There are endless ways to use Business Central in Outlook! If you have any more questions, call the Microsoft Dynamics experts at Qixas Group. We’d love to help your business reach its fullest potential by harnessing the power of software.

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