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Do you find creating Dynamics GP reports time-consuming and frustrating? If so, you’re not alone! Sometimes the out-of-the-box reports don’t give you the information you need and creating custom ones require special skill. Regardless of which GP report writer tool you are using, you probably wish there were a faster and easier way to create the reports you need. After all, the longer it takes to create a report, the more likely the data it contains will be at obsolete by the time it gets to the reader. When that happens, how can we expect it to help us make the smartest decisions possible? The truth is you can’t. If your business data is constantly looking in the rearview mirror, it’s going to be very difficult, if not impossible to keep up with the competition.

Luckily for Dynamics GP users there is a better solution. Enter the Power BI report pack for Dynamics GP. This powerful, yet user-friendly Dynamics GP report writer alternative is the only one of its kind on the market for any CRM or ERP system today. See it action.


Power BI Report Pack for Dynamics GP: What Is It?

The Power BI report pack for Dynamics GP is a suite of over 90 prebuilt dashboards and reports that allow you to unearth the hidden treasure trove of information in your Dynamics GP database. See it like you never thought possible – without spending hours or days scrubbing data and putting together reports. Plus, thanks to the unmatched data visualization and artificial intelligence capabilities offered by Power BI, you get much more than just static visuals. You can interact with your data in real time, even asking questions in natural language and in an instant, getting the answers you need.


What kind of reports are available?

The Power BI report pack for Dynamics GP offer something for everyone. No matter what type of business you run, it can help you understand what’s going on behind the scenes. The over 90 prebuilt reports and dashboards I mentioned earlier are broken up into five groups called modules. Each module focuses on a specific area of your business. The options include:

  1. Financials
  2. Sales Orders
  3. Inventory
  4. Purchasing
  5. Project Accounting

Each of these modules are sold separately, so you can build the Dynamics GP reporting tool that best fits your needs.


What makes the Power BI report pack different than other Dynamics GP report writer alternatives?

The biggest reason Dynamics GP users love the Power BI report pack is they no longer must spend hours or days creating reports. Instead, they can dive right into the analysis. The system can even point out things like seasonality shifts, trends or outliers. So, you don’t have to waste your valuable time sifting through the data. And as I mentioned earlier, to make analysis as quick and painless as possible, you can even interact with the data by asking it specific questions. When you do, the system will respond with the appropriate visualization. One more thing that separates the Power BI report pack from other Dynamics GP report writer alternatives is that no time-consuming implementations or software updates are necessary. We can have you up and running with the Dynamics GP report pack for Power BI in a matter of hours, and it doesn’t care what version of Dynamics GP you are running. Whether your system is six months or 10 years old, all report pack users enjoy the same great experience.

Ready to see this Dynamics GP report writer alternative an action for yourself?

In this case, seeing truly is believing. So why not take a tour of the two most popular modules, financials and sales orders with the product creator himself, Anthony Meriwether?

Watch the demo now

Questions? Want to learn more about the Power BI report pack for Dynamics GP? Visit this webpage.

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