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About 45% of small companies and 57% of midsize companies are utilizing cloud accounting solutions today according to Accounting Today’s 2018 “Year Ahead” Survey.  That means about half of organizations are still not gaining the benefits of a cloud accounting solution.  These benefits include advanced security, ease of remote access, automatic version updates, decluttering the office of paperwork, better control of financial processes, reduced IT costs, and automatic backups.




At The TM Group, we’ve come up with a diagnosis to explain this condition – Server Addiction Disorder (SAD).  We’ve also developed an eBook to help CFOs cure this condition and we are hosting an event in Livonia Michigan at the end of October that showcases the Microsoft Dynamics and Sage Intacct cloud solutions. If you believe your organization might suffer from SAD, you can:


  1. Download our eBook - SAD: Server Addiction Disorder, 12 Steps to Overcoming Cloud Reticence
  2. Register for our October 29th Vision Event
  3. Schedule a meeting to discuss your Accounting and ERP Requirements


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