How a Cloud Software Development and Consulting Company Benefited From Changepoint PSA Software — A Q&A

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Originally posted on Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC)

Changepoint, a provider of professional services automation (PSA) software, project portfolio management (PPM) software, and enterprise portfolio management (EPM) software, recently released a case study. It delves into how Keste used Changepoint PSA software to boost its bottom line and save more than 60 working days worth of labor over the course of a year.

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Keste is an award-winning cloud and mobility software solutions and development company headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The company is a Platinum level member of Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN), with a focus on the execution, delivery, and support of global enterprise software solutions.

Prior to using Changepoint PSA software, Keste managed its consultants via an outdated process of Excel spreadsheets and a time capture solution to monitor its resources, project status, and profitability. To get insight on the PSA software solution’s deployment and use—and for the perspective of a successful company’s approach to PSA software—we recently spoke to Ken Judd, CFO of Keste.

Q&A With Keste CFO Ken Judd On the Company’s Deployment of Changepoint PSA Software

TEC: Which typical business processes has Changepoint helped your company improve?

Ken Judd: After deploying Changepoint PSA software, we have seen a significant boost to our bottom line in three major areas. First, we now have end-to-end visibility and reporting across all business operations and teams, enabling the executives and project managers to identify and track account overruns. In addition, the new visibility into current and historical project data has been a huge value-add, allowing us to develop disciplined and realistic statements of work for our customers. Finally, after integrating Changepoint PSA software with our existing financial reporting system, we were able to cut 60 annual days worth of time and cost associated with double data entry.

TEC: How were those processes handled previously?

KJ: Previously, we had a single-threaded solution for time capture and not much more. But that’s all it did. From there, the spreadsheets took over. That is, the time had to be analyzed, verified, collated, and converted to invoices. It was a very manual process. We didn’t have the engagement planning and management tools built into Changepoint. We didn’t have the resource management tools built into Changepoint. We didn’t have the knowledge repository built into Changepoint. We were a very manual operation and we knew it wouldn’t scale without a proper PSA software tool like Changepoint.

TEC: What other enterprise software is Keste using besides Changepoint, and are there any integration points?

KJ: We’ve integrated Changepoint with Microsoft Dynamics, our financial reporting system. We manage our professional services engagements using Changepoint up to the point of invoice preparation. Invoices are then handed off to Microsoft Dynamics via the integration and incorporated into our full financials.

TEC: What other vendors did you look at for your PSA software needs, and why was Changepoint the winner?

KJ: I reviewed many demos for PSA software products and Changepoint came out ahead of all the rest. It’s the only PSA software solution available that is complete and fully-baked with all functionality needed to run a growing professional services organization. Our company employs over 250 independent, specialized consultants around the globe. We needed a solution that would replace our manual time capture system as well as provide executives insight and reporting they need to make good business decisions—all with minimal training and easy integration. Changepoint PSA was the only product that could do everything we need.

TEC: Did the company consider true cloud PSA software such as Daptiv by Changepoint or any other product, for that matter? Why not cloud software in the end?

KJ: When we were searching for a PSA solution back in 2009, the cloud was still in its infancy. The private cloud that Changepoint PSA software offered gave us the benefits of hosting our solution with the security ensured by our own servers. It really gave us the best of both worlds: cloud and security. Now, because the cloud is a tried-and-true implementation model for technologies of all kinds, it’s precisely why we’re interested in exploring that avenue with Changepoint.

TEC: Is there any interest in other Changepoint software solutions at Keste?

KJ: We implemented Changepoint as an on-premise solution. Essentially, we set up a private cloud on our servers. We’re interested in talking to Changepoint about moving our database back into their cloud architecture and eliminating the costs associated with running our own servers. We don’t have a need for PPM or EPM software at this stage.

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