3 Reasons RPA and Microsoft Dynamics are Better Together

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We are big Microsoft Dynamics fans. In fact, we've created a paperless automation/document management solution that integrates tightly with Microsoft Dynamics because of the power of Microsoft Dynamics's ERP systems. It helps customers better manage their financial information and experience more control over their data.

However, like any technology solution, Microsoft Dynamics has some shortcomings. But they can be overcome with the help of a robotic process automation (RPA) solution, like MetaViewer, and a solid workflow automation plan. Together, Microsoft and MetaViewer make a complete financial automation solution that helps companies increase efficiency, enhance visibility and manage information more securely than they would otherwise be able to with just one solution.

Here’s how MetaViewer helps supplement Microsoft Dynamics's obstacles and allows customers to experience greater success with their software solutions:

Increased Visibility

When it comes to visibility of documents within financial transactions, Microsoft Dynamics tends to lack. In Microsoft Dynamics, users are limited as only images are able to be attached to documents. This slows the database down considerably and makes searching for documents and information difficult. No one wants to watch the "spinning wheel of death" while waiting for a document to upload, and it really hinders visibility.

However, when you add a paperless automation/document management solution like MetaViewer to Microsoft Dynamics, visibility is greatly enhanced for the finance team, as well as the C-Suite. MetaViewer does not store images in Microsoft Dynamics, but in the actual MetaViewer system instead. This makes the database faster, provides easier access to and visibility of documents, and maximizes efficiency when accessing information. Documents that you need, when you need them, without the wait. That's modern-day visibility.

Reallocation of IT Resources

Your IT resources are valuable and should be allocated to the most pertinent projects at your organization. When it comes to Microsoft Dynamics, many companies use IT resources for creating workflows within Microsoft Dynamics. This process is complex, tedious and all users must have licenses within Microsoft Dynamics in order to access these workflows. This can often be more cumbersome than efficient. The process of creating workflows in Microsoft Dynamics is expensive and it takes up valuable IT resources.

With MetaViewer, users have direct access to information and do not need a Microsoft Dynamics-specific license, increasing access for employees. Additionally, MetaViewer implementation specialists have been creating and implementing workflows for more than 30 years and have put in thousands of hours’ worth of experience in generating efficient workflows around companies' unique business rules. This mitigates the need to over-work your IT resources as the MetaViewer team will take on the task of workflow creation.

Enhanced Security

Controlling access to documents in Microsoft Dynamics is quite limited, leading to security and compliance issues when it comes to employees searching for and gathering information stored in the database. Your financial information contains a lot of sensitive company data, and security and compliance should be a priority when it comes to protecting that data.

MetaViewer has many options for controlling security, including the ability to provide permissions and limit access to “view only” so that only certain users have access to certain information. This protects your data, preventing it from falling into the wrong hands, and also limits the risk of security breaches such as phishing.


We are all better with a solid team behind us, including our software solutions! We love the functionality and innovation involved with Microsoft Dynamics, and we strive to enhance that functionality even further with the power of RPA.

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