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Management Reporter Tips

Attention Dynamics SL Users: You’ll notice a lot of “Dynamics GP” language used below – that’s only because we used Dynamics GP for our presentation. Management Reporter works the same in Dynamics SL!

You might have heard that Microsoft will no longer be releasing updates to Management Reporter. This does not mean, however, that it is going away. So as long as you’re using Management Reporter, and it is fulfilling your requirements, it will remain the reporting standard for Dynamics for the foreseeable future. This means you have every reason to truly master it because it is not leaving! Here are three innovative tips you need for MR.

Please note: this blog post covers a few topics in the advanced MR report training. For a quick introduction on the basics of getting started using Management Reporter, download our Management Reporter Basics Guide!  

How do I build a row from scratch?

To start, navigate to the Edit menu, and select “Insert Rows from Dimensions.” This will pop up a dialogue box with several options for viewing the data. Simply fill in a starting value and an ending value; that being the range of values you want to populate your rows. This example uses Account.

Management Reporter Tips

Management Reporter Tips

From here, it’s up to you how you would like to format your final table, an example being creating a balance sheet. For instance, you can combine all the cash accounts into a single row using row linking. Click below to see how it’s done!

How to edit MR columns to fit your needs

A popular way of arranging columns is in a 3 Year Quarterly Trend report. That is achieved by arranging the “Fiscal Year” and “Period” rows thusly:

Management Reporter Tips

You can then add as many columns (and years) as needed to this report.

For more column help, including designing rolling month/year columns, and dynamic columns in Management Reporter, click below!

Setting up and edit Using a reporting tree

A report that uses a reporting tree will have the Reporting Tree button enabled in the Web Viewer. Clicking this button will display a list of units. This list will only show the units that are available for the user viewing the report. You can them build from dimensions, link rows/columns, and more.

The video that we linked to above multiple times is our most recent “Advanced MR Training” webinar. Continue to watch it for more info on columns, rows, trees, and reporting functions (such as Side-by-Side, Summary Trial Balance sheets, and Actual vs. Forecasted reports).

Management Reporter Recording

For even more details, download our free Management Reporter training guides. There is a Basic and Advanced version to help with every level of user, from novice to master. If you have further issues with Management Reporter, reach out to our team [email protected]! They love solving your problems – the harder the better.

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