How to Create and Save a Customized SmartList

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Using SmartList to create your own version of an existing SmartList can give you more flexibility and allow you to quickly and easily find the exact data you seek within Dynamics GP.  This gives you access to your data without needing to access SQL Management Studio.

First Step - Open a SmartList

Open a SmartList of your choice by clicking Microsoft Dynamics GP | SmartList.  Expand the Module of your choice, expand the SmartList you want to see, and then click the asterisk to populate the default SmartList.  In my example, I have expanded the Financial | Accounts SmartList.

the Financial Accounts SmartList in Dynamics GP

Add a Typical Balance column

To do this, follow these steps:

Click the columns button and then click the add button.

Typical Balance column SmartList for Dynamics GP

In the Columns window that opens, click the dropdown next to Available Columns, and choose All Columns. This allows you to see all the columns that you could possibly add to this SmartList.

see all the columns that you could possibly add to this SmartList

Scroll down and find Typical Balance, click it, and click OK.

In the Change Column Display window, you can highlight the newly added field and use the buttons on the right to move the field up or down.

Change Column Display window Dynamics GP

Click OK, and you will now see the newly added column on your SmartList.

Search this SmartList by Posting Type and by Typical Balance

The steps to do this are:

  1. Click the Search button at the top of my SmartList.
  2. In Search Definition 1, click the lookup and select Posting Type.
  3. The Filter will default to ‘is equal to’ because there are only two possibilities.
  4. Choose Balance Sheet as the Value.
  5. In Search Definition 2, click the lookup and select Typical Balance.
  6. The Filter will default to ‘is equal to’ because there are only two possibilities.
  7. Choose Debit as the Value.
  8. Click OK, and now you will see the results of your search.

The final step to preserve all of the changes made to this SmartList, click the Favorites button, give your new SmartList a Name, and click the Add dropdown.  This will allow you to either Add the Favorite or Add the Favorite with a Reminder.  Your new SmartList Favorite will appear in the list on the left as shown:

SmartList Favorite for Dynamics GP

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