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9 Things Dynamics Partners Need To Know Before Registering for eXtreme365 2019

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How many Microsoft Dynamics Partners have the time to attend Inspire, Ignite, AND the BBC (Business Building Conference) events?

I know, that last one is a trick, because we haven’t actually had the BBC sales and marketing focused event since the old “Great Plains” days. But stick with me….

The point is that there are so many conferences for Microsoft Dynamics partners that it’s hard to attend them all. And for smaller organizations, it is just too expensive.

The goal of the eXtreme365 event is to COMBINE the best of Inspire, Ignite, and BBC into one event exclusively for Microsoft Dynamics Partners. And it will take place just before the User Group Summit events that you may already be in Orlando for anyway.

Extreme365 has:

  • Deep technical sessions for Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations, Business Central, and Customer Engagement products PLUS Power Platform.
  • Sales and marketing sessions for all products.
  • Executive Exchange for business leaders of all products.

Plus, some bonus benefits that apply to everyone:

  • Access to a large number of Microsoft technical and business executives in a “partner only” setting.
  • Invitation to the Welcome event on Tuesday and Keynote Address and Expo on Wednesday with the full User Group Summit audience (including customers) when the events “overlap.”
  • Sunday and Monday there is an additional event for your business leaders and executive staff called the Executive Exchange. This is a must attend event for organizations waiting to hear from other executives around business trends and Microsoft OCP executive team members.

I spoke with event organizer Tonya Anderson to find out what Microsoft Dynamics Partners should know about eXtreme365:

  1. Who should attend eXtreme365?
  •  Technical: The majority of the sessions are for technical/billable Dynamics 365 ERP/CRM/Power folks. For Level 300 and Level 400 deep training. The other groups have Directions for NAV/BC and Tech Conference for GP. So, this is the tech conference for “D365 and Power”. (Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday) Review the eXtreme365 session list.
  • Sales/Marketing: The best news, in my opinion, is that this is the event where sales and marketing folks finally get our chance to get together as a group and learn from each other and industry experts. Many of these people are planning to be at Summit to host customers or staff an expo both. Coming a few days early for eXtreme365 is bonus time where we can really focus on improving our own sales and marketing skills. (Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday)

Sales/Marketing session topics include: What's Next In Content Marketing?

Artificial Intelligence or Automation? How to Leverage the Latest Technologies in Your Marketing - Practical Account Based Marketing - SEO Has Changed. Learn About Google's Algorithms and How to Optimize Your Website and Social Media - Marketing Panel Ask the Experts Fireside Chat - Use Story Selling to Ensure the Customer is the Epicenter of your Demo Experience - AI Offerings: Understand AI for Sales, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, InsideView, Versium, and More - Setting and Reporting Sales Goals. Review the eXtreme365 session list.

  • Executive: Business owners/leaders are also invited because of the exclusive Executive Exchange where they can hear from the experts on how to grow their business. About 50 Partners will have the chance to discuss market trends with peers, form business strategies, and talk with Microsoft execs one on one. (Sunday/Monday)
  1. How many attendees will be there?

The event team plans for 300 attendees. Partners only, no customers. And proportionately, there will be a lot of Microsoft people there per attendee when you compare that with the 7,000 other people you have to share the Microsoft team members with at User Group Summit. Last year eXtreme365 in Amsterdam had 800 attendees (and 260 people from Microsoft).

  1. Is this the same as “The Partner Event”?

No, it is important to note that this is NOT the same as “The Partner Event,” which used to take place a few days before Summit and was just for sales and marketing types. That event was free. This event is much bigger, and it is not free.

  1. How much does it cost?

If you are registered for Summit, you can add the eXtreme365 registration for $600. If you only plan to attend eXtreme365 (including those overlap days where you have access to Summit), the cost is currently $1,699 for user group members. (And if you are not a User Group member, you should be.) PLUS you get the Oct 16th User Group Summit overlap day for free. 

If you are already registered for Summit, You can add eXtreme365 to your registration by clicking here. 

  1. Why is this event at the same time as User Group Summit? 

The biggest reason the events are the same week is to make life easier for the sponsors. With all the different events going on now, travel expense budgets are being stretched. Many Partners will already be in Orlando as speakers, to work at their expo booth or to meet customers. Now they can come early, with no additional travel time, and get tremendous value for those few extra days out of the office. The sponsors spoke, and the event organizers listened.

  1. What is the AI Meets BizApps Hack-a-thon? 

Techie people love a good “hackathon.” The app innovation challenge has always been a fan favorite from an attendee perspective. People who participate get to choose a real business challenge, and work with Microsoft and other Dynamics 365 experts to create an app to solve the problem.  This event is being hosted and run by Renato Leite, from Microsoft.

  1. Is there an expo? Are there any sponsors at this event?

Yes. There will be a small expo hall on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday. Then Wednesday is a crossover day where eXtreme365 attendees can go to the larger User Group Summit expo. Sponsors for eXtreme365 will have some unique opportunities, outside just the expo, to get in front of the larger audience too.

  1. Is this event only open to Microsoft Dynamics Partners?

This is a Partner event, not meant for customers. However, any Microsoft Partner is invited and could find value in meeting with the Microsoft executives, hearing the messaging, and getting the sales and marketing training. As an incentive, all IAMCP (International Association of Microsoft Certified Partners) members can get 10% off registration for eXtreme365.

  1. Where, when, and how do I register?

eXtreme365 North America will be held October 13-16, 2019 at the Caribe Royale in Orlando, FL.  (This is 3 miles from the User Group Summit event location at the Gaylord Palms Resort). Check hotel prices.

Click here for eXtreme365 details and registration.

Tonya Anderson and her team are committed to making this event valuable to all Microsoft Dynamics Partners.  Come and learn with us. I hope to see you at eXtreme365; I’ll be in the front row of all the marketing sessions.

By Anya Ciecierski, ERP Software Blog Manager, 

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