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Power BI Dashboards: How to Leverage the Wealth of Data of your Microsoft Dynamics ERP Solution

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While many people in your organization may need access to the information stored in your Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution, giving everyone access to the accounting solution is not practical. Security issues come to mind, not to mention the costs of providing everyone with the licenses needed to access the solution.


Thankfully, Microsoft Power BI is a powerful business intelligence solution that lets the various members of your organization access the data they need without requiring full access to the ERP system. Here’s how:


  • With Power BI, users don’t need direct access to the ERP system. Indeed, it can aggregate information from various sources, including your ERP and CRM systems, not to mention specialized tools and other databases, then displays it in user-friendly dashboards. As a cloud-based solution, Power BI also makes the information available to the device of your choice via the application and portal for increased mobility.
  • Users can view the same core information, displayed based on their needs and preferences. Sales, finances and operations may need access to the same data, but will look at it differently. Power BI dashboards can be set up to display real-time information based on various specific criteria. Users can then drill down to the level of detail they need, and slice and dice the information to review it by different slicers (date, department, and other relevant metrics).
  • Power BI keeps your costs low and your data secure. It is much more affordable to provide users access to the information they need through Power BI than buying enough licenses so that everyone can access the ERP solution. Moreover, ensuring the proper segregation of duties keeps your information more secure, reserving access to your ERP solution to users who need it for their daily tasks.


While predefined and preconfigured dashboards are at your disposal out of the box, and can even be embedded into Microsoft Dynamics products such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Microsoft Dynamics GP, JOVACO recommends working with a database specialist for the initial configurations. This will ensure that your various teams and users get exactly the information they need from your Power BI solution.


Here is what your Power BI dashboards would look like when accessed from Dynamics 365 Business Central:



For an overview of Microsoft Power BI, view Microsoft’s video below:

By JOVACO Solutions, Microsoft Power BI expert in Quebec

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