New in Dynamics SL: Automating AP Approvals

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 by Anthony Rice

Do you need to automate your expense approvals but find it hard to implement a large-scale solution because of your budget? Luckily, with the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics SL 2018, a new and exciting feature is the functionality to manage approvals from within the system. An approvals process can be created through simple enablement, allowing users or groups to review transactions in Accounts Payable. This function automates the approvals process directly within Dynamics SL, while maintaining the separation of duties. Approvals or rejections can occur both at the document (invoice) or batch levels.

Approval Process

Upon activation, an additional option is available in the Handling field “Submit for Approval.” As shown in the following screenshot, approval is required prior to batch release.

The user must select “Submit for Approval” to continue processing.

Once the batch is submitted for approval, a status of “Waiting for Approval” is assigned.

“Submitted for Approval” is the updated status.

An approver would then access the batch and choose the appropriate action. As illustrated below, approval is being provided at the document (invoice) level.

Here, batch level approval is provided.

Approval with a reason is also an option.

Once approval is provided, batch and document statuses are updated.

Through minimal setup and configuration, an approvals process is created for A/P invoices, all within the Dynamics SL application. This enablement provides an easy solution for your approval needs. Forthcoming additional functionality will include General Ledger and Purchase Order.

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