Microsoft Dynamics 365: The State and Local Government ERP Solution

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Yes, Virginia, There is a Microsoft ERP Solution for State and Local Government

While at the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) Annual Conference in Los Angeles in May, our staff members had the opportunity to talk to representatives from local municipalities and state governments about their ERP needs. As it turns out, many of them weren’t even aware that Microsoft offers a robust ERP solution that meets the unique and complex requirements of state and local governments. The truth is, Microsoft does, in fact, offer an excellent ERP platform that’s well suited for state and local government use.

Based on the powerful platform and features in Microsoft Dynamics 365, we built DynamicsAdvantage for Finance and Human Capital Management to offer state and local governments (SLG) the ideal ERP solution. Dynamics 365 is a highly flexible platform: it helps organizations grow over time, contributing to increased efficiency and efficacy across the board. Paired with DynamicsAdvantage, it offers some key features SLGs in search of a new ERP will appreciate:


Budgeting: Plan, Proactively Manage and Enforce Policy Control

Running a state or local government within budget and keeping track of spend is a major challenge. Using an outdated ERP system makes things even harder. With Dynamics 365, you’ll have access to comprehensive budgeting features that simplify the budget planning and control process.


Dynamics 365 provides you with readily accessible diagrams and tables built from your financial data, and it’s easy to customize these reports to meet your needs. With the help of easy-to-use budgeting forms, tracking expenses is more convenient for your ERP users. This translates to more consistent expense tracking. Managing your budget and enforcing policy control has never been simpler, thanks to “Dynamics duo”.


Managing Projects and Grants

State and local governments are often managing large numbers of projects and grants simultaneously, and tracking them can be difficult. Fortunately, Dynamics 365 offers tracking capabilities that make it easier than ever for organizations to manage both grant funding and project budgets. You can quickly drill down into data at any stage of a project’s life cycle: the end-to-end project visibility it provides is unmatched. Because resource management is offered in real-time, your organization won’t have to worry about wasting time and money or resource duplication.


Customer Management, Accounts Receivable, Receipts, and Billing

Dynamics 365 ERP keeps all of your customer data in one place, making it easier than ever to manage customer information. With the ability to categorize and report on revenue sources at the click of a mouse, financial accounting is streamlined. Need to send out a collection letter, manage and analyze receipts, or take action related to billing? Dynamics makes it easy. Plus, the comprehensive feature set included in Dynamics 365 improves efficiency when it comes to managing customer processes, liquidity, and cash.


Payroll and Human Capital Management

With Dynamics 365 and DynamicsAdvantage, you have the ability to manage human capital throughout the entire employment cycle. Tracking your employees’ job history, compensation, and other important data allows you to gain deeper insight and improve employee relations. You’ll find that it’s much smoother to manage application processes, job requisition, and hiring with Dynamics 365. Dynamics also provides a self-management portal for your employees with an easy-to-use mobile platform where they can log travel expenses, check their compensation, and more.


Choose AKA and Dynamics 365 ERP for Your SLG Needs

As you can see, Dynamics 365 and DynamicsAdvantage have much to offer state and local governments. Here at AKA, we’ve been partnering with government clients for decades to help them implement ERP solutions. Learn more about our work with McHenry County, Illinois in this video:


Thanks to the implementation of their Dynamics/DynamicsAdvantage solution, McHenry County has improved oversight when it comes to education, transportation, and other municipal departments. They’ve thriving with the help of AKA and DynamicsAdvantage, and you will, too. We may not be able to confirm the existence of Santa Claus, but we can tell you that Microsoft offers an ideal ERP solution for state and local governments. Ready to get started with Dynamics 365? Contact us to speak with one of our SLG experts about your ERP needs.


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