Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service Benefits Your Customers and Your Business

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If yours is a field services company, you know how important it is to provide excellent service for your customers. Customers are the lifeline of your business. But how can you also manage your resources, cope with changing markets, and still see a healthy bottom line? Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service is designed to help mid-sized and large field service companies. Maximize efficiency in your scheduling, equipment and resource management, and customer support.

Optimize Resources

It's a challenge organizing and tracking the various components of your field services business: staff, equipment, vehicles, supplies, and customers. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service gives you a single platform to automate and optimize your processes.  Improve the way you dispatch drivers, service personnel, and technicians and care for inventory and customer support. Your organization will run more smoothly, benefitting your employees, your customers, and your business.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service Automation for Scheduling

Dynamics 365 for Field Service’s integrated scheduling assistant lets you filter resources according to the needs of each work order. You’ll be able to select the best technician or service person for each job. Use the optional add-on for scheduling that determines available personnel and their locations. Then they can be dispatched efficiently, saving time and money.

Empower Your Employees

Because  Cloud ERP for Field Service is mobile, your field personnel will have access to the information they need right on their tablets or smart phones. They’ll be able to check on inventory or scheduling, answer customers’ questions, and efficiently sign off on jobs.  And they'll do it all without a trip back to the office or annoying hold time on the phone.  Your office personnel will be able to complete work orders and generate invoices before the technician even gets back to the office. Faster invoicing benefits everyone.

Also, the field service automation software solution can generate directions and work order details in real time. It can send out push notifications letting your employees know of changes to work orders even on the run.

Maximize efficiency with IoT

As a field services company, no doubt you have customers in many locations. It can be difficult to know, before assigning a technician, exactly what is going on with the equipment at each location.  IoT (Internet of Things) allows technicians to access  historical data of a device to identify and investigate problems. Technicians can monitor, detect, and diagnose equipment issues,  even before the customer is aware of them.  Some problems can even be solved remotely, saving on service calls. Proactivity such as this can significantly reduce downtime and benefit your customers and your business.

Customer Satisfaction

Today’s businesses are rightly becoming more and more customer centric, and customers are learning to demand more. Keep track of your customer data and look for even better ways to improve your customer relationships. This will keep you ahead of your competitors. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service, allows you to inform customers of schedules,  technician’s location, and estimated arrival times.

Field Service Automation Software for Your Company’s Needs

Dynamics 365 for Field Service has so many ways to integrate software to meet field service and customer service needs.  Whatever your business requirements are, there are an add-on applications to meet them and make your processes more efficient.
Learn more about how Microsoft dynamics 365 for Field Service can benefit both your customers and your business. Contact our consultants at Velosio.

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