GP Optimizer Summer 2019 Edition is now Available

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The Summer 2019 GP Optimizer magazine is available now and we’re excited to share the solutions that Rockton Software and many of our partners can provide. As with our Winter 2019 edition, we decided to group the articles around one cohesive theme. Since it is Rockton’s 20 Year Anniversary we chose ‘20 Years in the Making’.

Our contributing ISVs have put their thinking caps on and created some amazing content to share with you. This issue is full of information like 20 years in the GP space, the future of robotic process automation, inventory stock counts, and so much more. We dug deep in an interview with Mark Rockwell. Did you know the name Rockton Software came from Kelli and Mark playfully combining their last names, Rockwell and Sexton, to create Rockton?

Celebrating 20 years in the GP world is so exciting, and we’ve had customers and partners tell us that they can’t imagine using Microsoft Dynamics GP without us. Our reputation has been built through genuine connections with both our customers and partners and by delivering quality products. As evidenced in this magazine, there are many ways Rockton Software and our partner ISVs are coming together to make everyone’s work life simpler & easier®. 

We appreciate your continued support of this valuable publication and hope you enjoy the magazine!

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