Fill out Your Timesheets on the Go with Microsoft Dynamics GP

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In an increasingly mobile workplace, accessibility is a crucial feature: Microsoft knows this, developing cloud-based systems and technologies that allow organizations to connect with customers from anywhere and keep employees where they are most needed. JOVACO shares the same vision, and as such we’re making sure that our own products provide users with the mobility and accessibility they need.


Enter TEDI Mobile, the mobile version of our timesheet and expense report application fully integrated to Microsoft Dynamics GP. It allows employees to enter their time and expenses with the same level of detail as our desktop application through an intuitive and responsive interface available from the mobile device of your choice.


Mobile capabilities allow users to quickly add attachments as needed, such as pictures of their receipts and other documents, to their expense report. Project managers have the oversight and the level of detail they need, while keeping the experience simple for employees and reducing the risk of receipts being lost or forgotten.


All of these features are available from a streamlined, intuitive and user-friendly interface that provides an optimal experience via the user’s preferred device. The information is coded directly to the right project, reducing delays and forgotten hours. TEDI Mobile offers the high level of mobility and accessibility that organizations require in today’s workplace by providing real-time visibility to project managers.


JOVACO is dedicated to providing business management solutions and products that provide organizations with the tools they need to take their business to the next level. TEDI mobile is an important milestone in the development of our time and expense application, and by making its range of capabilities available from mobile devices it will be an even better asset for organizations looking to leverage cloud and mobile technologies.


By JOVACO Solutions, a timesheet application developer for Microsoft Dynamics GP

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