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GP users preparing to select PanatrackerGP as their warehouse management system always have a similar question. “How can I use the barcodes already on my products?” A little-known feature called ‘Alternate Manufacturer Item Number’ within Dynamics GP unlocks these capabilities and streamlines the inventory management process. This feature is an excellent tool for distributors, contractors, or manufactures who receive inventory with a UPC or another supplier applied label. Distributors will often have internal part numbers that differ from a UPC (Universal Product Code) or may use generic parts from a variety of vendors. In both cases, PanatrackerGP can scan a barcode and populate the GP item number in real time.

Panatrack has been providing barcode solutions to Dynamics GP users for over 15 years with the goal of streamlining the inventory tracking process. Using native functionality of Dynamics is a cornerstone of the Panatrack application, and the Alternate Item Number is a critical example of this. Additionally, Panatrack has enhanced this Capability by integrating Unit Of Measure tracking with our solution.

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To learn how your team can use the standard functionality of Dynamics GP alongside PanatrackerGP to streamline your inventory and item tracking, check out our post here. https://www.panatrack.com/leveraging-alternate-item-numbers-in-dynamics-gp/

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