How to Select a Microsoft Dynamics Partner with the Help of Glassdoor

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5 Things Glassdoor Can Help You Evaluate When Choosing a Microsoft Dynamics Partner 

More than ever before, businesses have the ability to research and evaluate before committing to important spending decisions. When it comes to choosing an IT partner, businesses likely use LinkedIn, Google research, customer reviews and/or client references to determine whether a particular company is the right choice.


While this type of business research has become increasingly common, there are other tools available to businesses that are less well known. At AKA Enterprise Solutions, we recently heard from a new customer that they used Glassdoor reviews as part of their evaluation process before deciding to partner with us. This surprised us, as Glassdoor isn’t typically used for researching a potential business partner. While it certainly makes sense to use Glassdoor for its more typical purpose -- that is, learning more about what it’s like to work for a given company -- it’s also easy to see how Glassdoor can be useful when it comes to evaluating a prospective partner.

Glassdoor offers a decidedly unique perspective: it provides insight into the employee experience at a company. Much of the information available online about a given company will have been provided by the business itself. But when it comes to Glassdoor reviews, you’re able to get a sense of what the employees at a particular company think about their employer. This can be extremely useful when it comes to choosing a partner with the right company culture and values.


If you’re searching for a Microsoft Dynamics ERP partner, using Glassdoor as part of your research process can help. Here are five things we recommend you look for when reading Glassdoor reviews:


  1. Strong internal communication systems and support software

We all know that good internal communication is important for any business, so it makes sense to choose a Microsoft Dynamics ERP partner with an effective internal communication platform. Does the partner you are considering use their own technology solutions within their company? Employee reviews can help you determine whether or not a prospective partner has the necessary infrastructure in place to meet –and hopefully exceed-- your technology requirements. Positive reviews here can translate to better communication between your business and your Microsoft partner. On the other hand, negative reviews may be a warning sign.


  1. Positive and compatible company culture

If you’ve ever tried to work with a company that doesn’t share your business’s values, you know how challenging it can be. You’ll be working hand in hand with your Dynamics ERP partner, and it’s important that their company culture is both positive and compatible with your own. Employee reviews can give you valuable insight into a business’s company culture, along with a sense of how that business chooses to engage with its partners.


  1. Growth opportunities for team members

The IT world is constantly changing. Microsoft regularly releases new products and updates, and you want a Dynamics partner that encourages its employees to stay up to date with these changes. If employee reviews indicate that a company discourages employee growth or fails to offer adequate opportunities for continuing education, it may be best to look elsewhere for a tech partner.


  1. An open-door feedback policy

Successful businesses take employee and customer feedback into account. As you read through a company’s Glassdoor reviews, take note of whether or not employees feel that their voices are being heard. A company that listens to its employees is much more likely to pay attention to feedback from its clients, too.


  1. Overall employee experience

Ultimately, it all comes down to an employee’s overall experience at a given organization. Are they happy with their employer? Do they have positive things to say? Enthusiastic, motivated employees will be easier for your business to work with. Happy employees mean happy clients.


Do your best to keep the big picture in mind when reading through reviews. If employees give a company an overall positive rating and indicate that they would recommend it to friends and family, that’s a good thing. By combining the information gleaned from Glassdoor with other research, you can choose the best Dynamics ERP partner for your business.


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