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5 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Microsoft Gold Partner

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Choosing the Right Microsoft Partner: 5 Reasons to Go with A Gold Certified Partner 

In the tech world, lots of vendors claim to hold various “certifications” and/or “authorized reseller” statuses. But, how do you know which certifications are actually meaningful, and which ones involve little more than just paying an annual fee? The confusion and uncertainty surrounding these sorts of credentials often lead organizations to ignore certifications altogether when choosing a tech Partner. When you consider the enormous impact a tech Partner has on the success of your business, it’s really quite important to pause and evaluate which certifications are a valuable asset as you make an informed decision.


Fortunately, Microsoft offers three types of dependable product and platform certifications that give you truly valuable information about a company’s competencies: Microsoft Partner, Silver Partner, and Gold Partner. At AKA, we strongly believe in our commitment to engage in the Microsoft certification process and believe that our customers benefit from this commitment, too.  Finding a qualified Partner to modify, implement. and support your Microsoft product is easier when you know you have the right (hint: go for the Gold) Partner with the right specializations and Competencies.


But what exactly is a Microsoft Gold Partner? Do you really need to choose a Gold Partner to meet your organization’s needs? Below, we’ll look at what the Silver and Gold certifications entail, along with five reasons why your business really should “go for the gold” when choosing a Microsoft Partner.


What is Microsoft Partner Certification?

A Microsoft Partner can achieve certification in one of a number of “Competencies.” Certification in a particular competency is intended to demonstrate “a specific, proven skill set to customers. Because Microsoft Competencies are aligned with how customers buy, customers can easily identify a company’s capabilities and expertise” by reviewing a Microsoft Partner’s various competency certifications. A Partner can achieve either Silver or Gold certification in any of Microsoft’s 19 different Competencies, and Microsoft’s Competencies continuously expand and change as the technology and products evolve.


A Partner who has achieved Silver Competency is has expertise in a particular business solution field. Microsoft Silver Partners are amongst the top 5% of Microsoft Partners around the globe and successfully complete Microsoft’s meticulous certification process.


While Silver Competency is certainly an achievement, Gold Competency is on another level—in fact, it’s the highest certification a Partner can obtain. A Partner who has achieved Gold Certification is amongst the top 1% of Microsoft Partners worldwide in that particular area. This means that they offer a highly specialized skill set to their customers and are a leader in innovative technology solutions.


In order to receive Silver or Gold Certification, a Microsoft Partner is audited regularly to ensure continued commitment to Microsoft’s high standards for skills, experience, and proficiency. The auditing process associated with Gold Certification is especially rigorous, and AKA always goes for gold. Let’s take a look at 5 reasons why you should choose a Gold Certified Partner for your business’ needs.


  1. Always Up to Date with Microsoft’s Latest

Microsoft offers a wide array of tech solutions, and these offerings are always evolving. It’s important to choose a Partner who stays up to date on the latest technology. Take a moment to consider how important this is on a personal level: would you choose to undergo surgery with a doctor who hasn’t taken a single course to learn the latest surgical advances in decades? Chances are, you’d choose one who is constantly training in the latest surgical techniques. A Microsoft Gold Certified Partner is always up to speed with the latest developments from Microsoft for the technology or field in which they earned their Gold Partner designation.


  1. Maintaining the Highest Standards

Microsoft sets rigorous standards for its Gold Certified Partners. For example, Gold Certification dictates that at least 15 individuals from a Microsoft Partner organization must pass various core value exams in order to demonstrate their level of competency. Additionally, five of these 15 are required to pass a number of specialty exams. These exams must be retaken each year.


These high standards benefit your business in two important ways:

  • You can rest assured that a Gold Certified Partner offers the highest level of expertise available. Gold Partners know what they’re doing, and they’ve proven they do it well.
  • There will always be a large number of individuals at the Gold Partner organization with the highest level of expertise. This means that if there is ever any turnover within the Partner organization, another qualified team member will be available to step in, continue the project, and deliver the expertise you expect from a Gold Partner organization. The last thing you want when investing in a technology project is for a key team member to leave the company during a project with no one to step in and take their place. With a Gold Partner, this simply won’t happen.


KEEP IN MIND: Not all large Partner organizations have a large Microsoft-certified team. A Gold competency is a great indicator of an organization’s “deep bench” of expertly qualified team members.


  1. Directly Connected to Microsoft

Given the level of expertise offered by Microsoft Gold Partners, you can expect that they’ll be able to handle most technical issues without the need to contact Microsoft for support. But when a difficult situation arises and there is a need to reach out to Microsoft for assistance, Gold Partners are in an excellent position to get the help they need fast. With access to advanced support partners in Microsoft Business Solutions, fast response times, and the ability to escalate cases when needed, Gold Partners have a direct link with Microsoft that’s valuable for your business.


  1. Proof of Concept Before Pulling The Trigger 

Microsoft Gold Partners have access to a number of product licenses that other Partners don’t have, which enables them to develop various demos and proof of concepts for clients. This valuable resource saves clients the cost of purchasing licenses and fully investing in implementation before trying out the solution.


Additionally, a Microsoft Gold Partner with multiple Competencies can utilize Microsoft’s deployment planning services, which provides funding for a Partner to engage in several days of consulting with a given client. This is a huge benefit to any business facing a large financial commitment for implementation as this allows customers to test drive the solution and consult with the Gold Partner for several days before they pull the trigger.


  1. Happier Employees Means Happier Customers

At AKA Enterprise Solutions, we believe that happy employees lead to happy customers. In the tech sector, it’s essential for employees to continuously engage in professional development. Without ongoing training, a tech specialist will quickly feel out of the loop and obsolete. As a Gold Certified Partner, we offer our employees access to the training they need to stay committed to their craft—and hopefully to AKA. Our investment in our employees carries over to how they invest in the projects they engage with, and that’s good for your organization.


Why AKA Prioritizes Microsoft Gold Partner Certification

As of 2019, AKA Enterprise Solutions is a Gold Certified Partner in five different areas, including:


  • Gold Cloud Business Applications: AKA offers solutions from the complete Microsoft stack, including Microsoft Dynamics 365, Office 365, and Azure. The Gold Cloud Business Applications certification refers not only to the breadth of solutions we offer, but also to the number of technical certifications we’ve obtained for our expertise in implementing, developing and even demoing these business applications.
  • Gold Cloud Platform: This certification is indicative of our expertise when it comes to running a modern data center, including cloud technology implementation, identity management, virtualization, systems management, storage, and networking.
  • Gold Application Development: AKA is dedicated to utilizing the latest Microsoft technologies for building web and mobile applications, and the Gold Application Development certification is a testament to our expertise in designing and deploying new applications, modernizing existing applications and migrating applications to Microsoft Azure.

AKA has opted for Gold Partner certification because we want to offer our customers the highest level of service in the industry. It’s that simple.


We also make a point of investing in our team. The training materials necessary to prepare for Gold Certification testing can cost a considerable amount. AKA covers these expenses for our employees and creates a collaborative study environment for our employees within Microsoft Teams. We also offer bonus incentives, encouraging our employees to go above and beyond when it comes to exam preparation.


Go for the Gold: Choose a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

Olympic athletes don’t aim for silver: they go for the gold. When selecting a Microsoft Partner, shouldn’t you aim for the best, too? With the help of a Microsoft Gold Partner and the right Competencies for your needs, your organization will be in the best position to succeed. To learn more about why our customers go for the gold and choose AKA as their technology Partner, watch the video below.



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