A Guide to Management Reporter (MR) Security Hierarchies  

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In Management Reporter (MR), different security levels put restrictions on users to provide access only to specific companies and specific reports. Understanding how these levels work is the key to setting up users and distributing reports in MR.

User Security

The first level of security you'll deal with involves the user level. To begin, create users and assign company access to each one. This is done under the Security menu item in the bottom left corner of the Report Designer window. Give each user an Effective Role, then click on the Company Access tab to assign companies to them. This allows users to access that company so they can design and run all reports assigned to that company’s building blocks.

Management Reporter Hierarchies

Management Reporter Hierarchies

There are four user roles available:

  • Administrators – Automatically have access to all companies. They are granted full access and can modify security.
  • Designers – These users can design reports, but can't modify security. You must assign the companies to users with this role.
  • Generators – Generators can generate, but not modify reports. They also cannot modify security.
  • Viewers – Viewers can only view reports in the folders they are assigned in the Report Library. They are not assigned to a company.

Report Library Security

The next step is setting up folders in the Report Viewer/Library. Click on a folder, then click green “Permissions” icon at the top of the screen to assign users to those folders. Then, you will click the “Add” button at the bottom of the window. Each user is given create, view, edit and/or delete rights to each folder. You must assign these rights for each user type: this includes administrators, generators, designers, and viewers.

Management Reporter Hierarchies

Management Reporter Hierarchies

Then, in the Report Definition in the Report Designer, click on the “Output and Distribution” tab. Browse to specify a Report Library location. This folder can only be viewed by users with the right permissions.

Management Reporter Hierarchies


Tree Security

This allows you to restrict users' access to specific trees. Only users who are assigned those units can open them when a report is generated.

Management Reporter Hierarchies

If a user has rights to a folder in the Library, they are only able to open the units on that tree assigned to them.


Want to see how the process works in real time? Check out this webinar clip to see it all in action. You can find more tips on our blog.

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