How AI Can Help Your Asset Management Firm: Managing Client Meetings

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Put AI to Work for Your Asset Management Firm

When it comes to asset management, few things are as important to your firm’s success as data. Without access to reliable and meaningful data, an asset management firm will struggle to stay competitive. In order to take full advantage of the data available to your business, you need the right technology. That’s where Artificial Intelligence (AI) comes in. In this video series, we take a closer look at 6 important areas where AI can make a difference for your business. If you’ve not yet seen the other videos in this series, we recommend that you view them first:



The video featured in this blog post discusses the ways that AI can help you plan client meetings.


Whether a wholesaler is meeting with a client out on the road or in the office, preparation is key. They’ll need to plan what topics the meeting will cover and the logistics ahead of time. Just as importantly, they need the ability to take meaningful, actionable notes while the meeting is in progress. In this video, we discuss the ways that AI and machine learning can improve meetings and the planning process from beginning to end. The result? More effective client and prospect meetings.


Get More from Meetings with Clients and Prospects

Wholesalers meet with both clients and prospects: sometimes in the office, and sometimes out on the road. In both cases, they need the ability to plan for these meetings in an efficient way. As any wholesaler can tell you, not all meetings are created equal. Good planning is crucial for maximizing a meeting’s effectiveness.


But meetings aren’t just about planning. If a wholesaler doesn’t take good notes while a meeting is in progress, they won’t walk away with appropriate action items. And without actionable steps to follow, a client or prospect meeting can be a waste of valuable time. Many organizations use popular solutions like Excel and Outlook, or even an ERP system, to plan for meetings ahead of time and collect data once they’re underway. But, is there a better solution?


With AI, machine learning and solutions like Microsoft Dynamics 365, wholesalers can be better prepared than ever for their next client meeting. AI can improve the note taking process once a meeting is underway and organize relevant information after. That means more time for your wholesaler to focus on the client or prospect, rather than worrying about taking notes.


Artificial Intelligence isn’t a futuristic fiction. It’s available right now, and it can help make your business more competitive than ever. Thanks to the AI features included in software solutions like Microsoft Dynamics 365, effective client meetings have never been easier. Watch this video to find out more about what AI and machine learning can do for your business, and be on the lookout for the next video in this series.


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