How to Shop for Shipping Automation Software

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Now that online shopping has taken over, your customers expect to receive their orders as fast as they got their InstaPot so now you’re out shopping for shipping automation software. Ironically, you won’t find that for sale on Amazon.


Your customers also expect flexible shipping options, and cheaper shipping costs. And as customer behaviors change, distributors must be agile enough to adjust their business.


These days, average shipping time has become a KPI that distribution companies use to improve competitiveness and profitability.


Distribution companies need to keep customers happy, as this can increase revenue by up to 15%. Improving customer satisfaction can also lower customer service costs by as much as 20%.


It's estimated that by 2020, customer experience will become the key brand differentiator.


However, many customers complain about shipping being too slow and expensive, getting the wrong products shipped or getting an out-of-stock message.


Apparently delivering product efficiently, on-time, and correctly remains a stumbling block for many distributors.


One solution that can help your business maximize returns and cut costs is the implementation of a shipping automation software.


With the right shipping automation software, you view order status, get up to date rate quotes, even print shipping labels and packing slips, preferably from your ERP solution.

If you don’t have an ERP system in place, learn more about how to get started on that here.


At Admiral USA, to help distributors choose the right software, we advise them to look for a solution that offers:

  • Excellent Customer Service - Does it allow customers to manage their account details online, place orders, track shipments in real time? Does it offer end-to-end order visibility to the customer?
  • Detailed data analysis and reporting - Does the software provide real-time data reporting? Access to accurate data leads to more efficient business workflow.
  • Full Integration - What integration requirements are available for your other business systems, including ERP and WMS? Integration across systems helps to keep data flowing smoothly and helps to unlock its value by making information available to the people who need it.
  • Easy to Set Up - Will the system require modifications often? Will it need upgrades as your businesses expands, as new product lines are added or new regulations are passed? Left unchecked, frequent modifications to the software system will increase costs.
  • Easy to Use - How easy is it for your staff to use? Is information easily found and presented in a way that makes sense to users? Will users have to sit through hours of training before they can use it?


With customers having access to many shipping options, being timely and efficient is one way to gain a competitive advantage.


Finding a shipping automation software that incorporates these features is just the beginning.


Finding one that integrates with your ERP allows you to view and transfer critical data between different departments to better serve your customers and boost profitability.


Here at Admiral Consulting Group, we know that positioning your organization for success starts with optimizing your operations, making your workers more effective and your customers happier.


We are excited to show you the different ways that you can streamline your processes to stay ahead of the competition.  Learn more about our solution offerings today or schedule a complimentary consultation now.

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