How to Optimize the Reporting Process for Microsoft Dynamics GP

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Do you find yourself having to create the same PowerPoint at the end of every quarter, month, or week? When it comes time for the next performance or sales meeting, you collect the current data, then have to update the same presentation with this new data. Or even worse, you may receive this data already visualized and it is always just a little different or ‘off’ each time. This tedious, time-consuming task can be avoided with Power BI PPT formatting capabilities.

Power BI PPT Reporting

With Power BI, you can have your reports embedded right into your PowerPoint presentation. This will save you time editing the reports and save you from the dreaded formatting in PowerPoint. As long as your reports are up to date on, you can rest assured that your PowerPoint will also be up to date. This capability not only helps you update and create new versions of your presentations, but the report is also fully equipped with the slicing and filtering functionality that you know and love in Power BI.

Power BI and Dynamics GP Reporting

Pair this with our pre-built Microsoft Dynamics GP dashboards and you can automate your entire reporting process end-to-end. Just make the connection to your Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP dataset, publish your report, then consume and share your Dynamics GP reporting on, in PowerPoint, or both!

For more information on Power BI and PowerPoint, Dynamics GP reporting, or other Reporting tools, contact our business intelligence and analytics experts.

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